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20 Signs Husband Is Cheating With A Co-Worker

Signs Your Husband Is Cheating At Work – 20 Every Woman Needs To Know!

Office relationships have always been a fact of life, whether it is in the form of a physical or emotional affair. There is nothing more painful than finding out he’s cheating or engaging in affairs in the workplace. Thankfully, the red flags and the obvious signs that your husband is cheating on you with a coworker have remained consistent. In years past, the most common type of office infidelity was been between male bosses and female subordinates. However, the new trend in how affairs begin is between colleagues. In this article, we will discuss emotional infidelity, affairs in the workplace, and the 20 most obvious signs he is cheating with his coworker.

20 Workplace Affairs Signs

Husband and Wife arguing

If married life feels different and you have a gut feeling something is wrong then it might be time to review the tell-tale signs that your husband is having an affair at work. Although this information should not be considered relationship advice, we will discuss the 20 signs of your partner cheating and signs of physical or emotional affairs.

  1. He Spends More Hours At The Workplace

Work schedules can change at times depending on your spouse’s profession. However, what if your husband makes excuses for late-night work, and is staying out later and more frequently? Although it seems obvious, if your husband is working later it is a sign that an affair started in the workplace. The reality is all that time in the office with co-workers of the opposite sex may have carried their relationship out of the friendly stage and into either an emotionally evolved romance or a full-blown physical affair.

  1. He Takes More Business Trips

Husband Working Late

The reality is some “business trips” might not be solely for work so if he is traveling more and more this is a red flag for possible cheating. Especially, if when he is traveling his phone battery always dies on these occasions, or maybe he returns smelling of perfume. If business trips seem to be in a routine you will want to keep an eye out for emerging trends between your husband and his coworker(s). 

  1. He Doesn’t Want You Looking At His Phone

Husband Smiling While Texting

Maybe your spouse won’t let you use their cell phone anymore and this makes you worried they are hiding or deleting text messages. Or they’re hiding their phone and only answering phone calls when you are not around. The fact is, changes in phone usage can indicate an affair. Watch out for your spouse using their mobile phone more or focusing on work emails at home. Successful marriage life needs trust and commitment, but a cheating partner is not committed to his relationship and will do what he can to hide his infidelity. 

  1. Co-Workers Gossip And Spread Rumors Of Relationship

Husband Cheating At Work

Affair gossip spreads like wildfire in any office. If your husband is having an affair with a co-worker, others in their office would likely have noticed the workplace affair or heard rumblings about it. This can be an advantage if you visit him in his office from time to time. Therefore, the next time you visit your husband in the office, pay attention to how his coworkers greet you. Also, note any uncomfortable glances or expressions of sympathy that pass among them.

  1. He Meets His Co-Worker After Work

Husband Having Drinks With Female Co-Wrokers

Have you noticed your husband’s post-work plans often exclude you, involving a particular coworker instead? Alarmingly, 36% of affairs start among coworkers, according to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. If he’s spending extra time with a colleague, especially under vague pretexts, it’s worth questioning.

Ideally, he should feel comfortable including you in casual meet-ups. A reluctance to do so might suggest there’s more to their relationship than professional camaraderie. Work-related excuses that stretch into the weekends or late nights raise eyebrows further.

Take note if he’s defensive when you ask about these meetings. Transparency is key in a healthy relationship, and secrecy could indicate a boundary has been crossed. Keep a close watch on this pattern; it’s not just about who he’s with, but also the secrecy surrounding it. Openly discuss your concerns; observing his reaction can be very telling

  1. He Begins To Put More Care Into His Looks For Work

Some of these self-care modifications are subtle. For example, carefully styling his hair every day or always wearing his best business attire. Using extra aftershave or hydrating his skin (mainly if he doesn’t usually do these things) are less apparent indicators that only you would notice. These are signs he cares about his appearance and doesn’t mean your spouse wants to work more. If you observe these changes in his behavior combined with other red flags, bring them up to gauge his response. Also, trust your gut feeling if he gets overly defensive or combative. 

  1. With You, He Begins To Behave Differently

Afraid your once-adoring spouse has become aloof and distant? If he is having an affair, it is likely causing him stress, manifesting in many ways. Or he’s being a lazy spouse or attempting to make up for his guilt. In any case, a shift in your partner’s behavior toward you signals trouble. Some individuals attempt to hide their guilt by spoiling their spouse with gifts and affection, while others do the reverse. They start arguments, stop talking, and may even accuse you of having an affair. 

  1. He’s Suddenly Looking For New Employment

People change professions for many reasons, and if your husband is seeking new employment it might not mean anything. However, if your spouse suddenly wants to leave without explanation, you should be suspicious that something nefarious could be going on. If he wants to get a new job and look for better opportunities it is a clear sign that your husband is cheating with his coworker, or emotionally involved with someone at his job.

  1. He Doesn’t Want You To Come To His Office

If your husband is cheating on you with a co-worker, there is a strong chance that he will do everything he can to stop you from coming to his office. If you never met them there, it’s possible that he prefers to keep his professional and personal lives apart. Totally fine. But if you used to visit him in the office and now he doesn’t want you around it is a sign your partner is showing that he is cheating on you. 

  1. He Does Not Take You To His Business Events

Continuing from the last point, if your spouse stops bringing you to work parties or awards ceremonies, he may be trying to avoid you meeting his coworkers (for fear of them revealing his affair). A cheating husband is proficient in lying, so maybe he makes a lame excuse for why you can’t come to company events. This is a huge clue that something is going on since you’ll naturally wonder why he’s leaving you behind (mainly if you used to accompany him in the past). If it’s only for coworkers, that might be okay, but if there’s a dinner with spouses and he doesn’t invite you, it’s time to talk about it.

  1. You May Notice Some Changes In Your Relationship

If your spouse has developed an emotional bond with a colleague he is likely to confide in her and share his concerns with her. He may not feel the need to speak to you as much at home since he now has someone else in his life he can talk with about his dreams, ambitions, and problems. This can result in him being meaner to you or a less intimate, sexless marriage.  All these changes in your relationship signal that something has changed with him, and whether or not it’s an affair, you should start talking to him about it.

  1. Work Takes Priority Over Your Relationship

Work-life balance is a challenge for many individuals. But most of us will feel frustrated or remorseful for not spending time with our loved ones while working. A cheating spouse will put “work” first, even if it means your relationship and marriage suffer. It is also a sign of an affair. He may sometimes come home late and make excuses that he was busy at work, but if you seem like less and less of a priority it is probably because you aren’t to him anymore. 

  1. If You Question Him, He Becomes Defensive

When you ask him about his colleague, unless he’s a skilled liar who can hide his real feelings and facial expressions, he’ll give something away. He may be defensive or laugh it off and behave as if you’re insane for simply asking about a workplace affair, but stick to your guns. You should be able to understand when he’s being honest and when he is pretending as your partner.

  1. He Starts To Criticize You

It’s possible that your previously supportive, loving spouse is now irritated and unhappy with your relationship. If you suspect he’s having an affair at work, he may be criticizing you because, in reality, he is comparing you to her. So don’t be surprised if he says things like “Why don’t you do this or that”. 

  1. Your Gut-Feeling Is Telling You Something Is Wrong

Gut Instinct Husband Is Cheating

Many women have a sixth sense of what their husband is doing. It might be hard to determine what has shifted in your partner’s behavior and routines, but you know there is a real reason to be concerned. Trust your gut emotions, especially if some of the preceding suggestions apply to you. When everything starts to stack up, and our gut instincts tell us something is off, it is likely we already know the truth. 

  1. He Does Not Share Work-Related Stuff

Husband Being Secretive

Your husband once treated you as his confidante, sharing tales of office politics and daily challenges. Notice a shift recently? He might deflect when you inquire about his workday. This sudden secrecy can signal something’s amiss, potentially a workplace affair. Keep an eye out for evasive answers or outright avoidance of the topic. Why? Because relationship experts point to this change as a red flag.

Communication breakdowns often precede infidelity, especially with a coworker. He may fear you’ll pick up on inconsistencies or details about the other person. Trust your instincts if your once open-book partner becomes a mystery in work matters.

Additionally, research suggests that emotional intimacy declines when one partner is unfaithful. If he’s investing emotionally in someone at work, he’ll likely withdraw from you. Look for patterns: is he unusually busy or unreachable during work hours? His protective stance over work interactions could be telling.

Consider the bigger picture; is his behavior isolated to work-related secrecy? Often, it’s part of a broader pattern of detachment. Observe if he’s distant in other areas of your life together. Cheating with a coworker doesn’t just alter work talk; it transforms the entire relationship dynamic.

Remember, these signs aren’t proof but indicators that merit attention.

  1. He Loves You Without Any Reason

Your husband has suddenly begun paying you a lot more attention and showing you a lot more affection. Sounds great right? Maybe not. If he gives you little gifts and praises you for everything it may be a symptom of guilt. When someone is doing something wrong, they might try and hide the affair behind loving gestures. 

  1. You May Find Feminine Stuff In His Things

Husband Cheating On Wife - Wife Finds Lipstick on His Clothing

Have you stumbled upon a lipstick stain or a hair that isn’t yours on his jacket? Such discoveries are unsettling and demand attention. In fact, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy reports that infidelity affects a significant portion of marriages. Personal items that don’t belong to you, found among his things, are often the first physical signs of a spouse’s affair.

These pieces of evidence, as small as they may be, can’t be overlooked. Whether it’s perfume that you don’t wear or jewelry that isn’t yours, these items can be indicative of a deeper issue. They are the silent alarms that something may be amiss, prompting further investigation into the exclusivity of your partnership.

  1. He Spends More Time On The Phone

Husband Angry And Defensive About Cheating

You may notice that at the start of your relationship, your husband spends more time with you. But now he always uses the phone and spends his time chatting, texting, or calling his colleagues. He is not paying attention to you. Check his phone or ask him about any new relationships at work 

  1. He Ignores You

Signs Husband Is Cheating - Sex Life Is Not The Same

When you ask a simple question, you often notice that he starts fighting with you or gives you an answer in one word. A communication breakdown is a symptom of impending infidelity and a precursor to it. It is also a sign of the husband cheating.  This is among the signs married couples need to understand and identify early. Women need to understand such situations and try to communicate with their partners and resolve all their issues before they will probably start an affair.

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20 Signs Husband Is Cheating With A Co-Worker – Frequently Asked Questions

How Common Are Workplace Affairs?

According to workplace research, approximately 65% of office workers report having had at least one inter-office interaction from an emotional or physical standpoint. Given this high rate, there is a considerable probability that two employees working at the same office may become involved in a romantic relationship. This is the reason any spouse should be concerned about the potential of their partner having a workplace affair. 

How Long Do Workplace Affairs Last?

Excluding one or two-night stands, the consensus is that the majority of workplace affairs last between six months and two years. Workplace affairs are fairly long-lasting and can be detrimental to the company and the spouses or partners of those having an affair. From the companies’ perspective, workplace relationships can lead to accusations of favoritism, the spread of rumors and innuendo, the wasting of time and energy, and sexual harassment allegations. From a personal perspective, workplace romances can ruin families. Therefore, if you want to save your marriage, share your concerns with a relationship expert or marriage counselor and take their advice before things are irreparable.

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