Law Enforcement

$200,000 Reward Offered


Police Step Up Search Efforts

Large Reward For Information Regarding Attempted Murder Of Officers

According to a news release obtained by GPS tracking system company Tracking System Direct, law enforcement agents working in the southwest Riverside area have had enough and are now offering a $200,000 reward for any information that will help police locate gang members who tried to kill gang force task members working in the Hemet area of Southern California.

The announcement came from Police Chief Richard Dana who also labeled the gang members as “a bunch of idiots”.

What the gang members did was first manipulate a gas line going into the building where the drug task force worked and put gasoline into the lines in an attempt to set off a large explosion. Even worse, the gang then rigged a gate to set-off a firearm as soon as the gate leading into the drug task force building was opened. The incident nearly took the life of an officer, narrowly missing an officer’s body. The latest incident involved some form of the booby-trap that was rigged to an officer’s police cruiser. The rigged device ended up falling off the officer’s vehicle. Thankfully, the gang members lacked the expertise and knowledge to successfully pull off any of the stunts that could have had fatal consequences.

Undoubtedly the police will likely turn to covert surveillance operations to gather information and evidence on the suspected gangs who may have played a role in the three events. Passive GPS data loggers such as the GPS Tracking Key and Flashback GPS may be used to help gang task force agents monitor the movements of the suspected gang members who have become more aggressive recently.

The gang task force agents may also utilize real-time tracking system technology with a live GPS tracking device to help in investigative efforts.

Anyone with information to the case is asked to contact the Hemet Police Department or FBI.

Source: Southwest Riverside