2013 Consumer Electronics Show Predictions


What Gadgets Will Show Up At CES

CES-LogoWhen it comes to technology products their is no bigger stage than the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The annual technology trade show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center has been nerd Mecca for decades, as thousands of the most innovative gadgets, gizmos and products have made their debut there. These products include famous devices such as the video cassette recorder (VCR), compact disc (CD), Nintendo, High Definition Television (HDTV) and tablet computing systems. However, for every Microsoft Xbox and plasma television their are a thousand more flops such as high definition radio. With CES set for take off in hours, the GPS tracker system specialists at Tracking System Direct have have decided to predict what type of cool devices might make their debut

There has been no secret that the geniuses over at Apple have been working on some form of smart watch with computing abilities, and across the way in Silicon Valley the brains at Google have been developing glasses with some crazy computing features as well. That leads our GPS vehicle tracker experts to believe that the 2013 CES will offer some form of new computing technology that is more easily worn or attached to users. “Google glasses have combined augmented reality and computing technology while making the system something anyone could easily wear with ease, and the question is whether this first step will have other tech start-ups looking at a whole new form of innovative devices”, stated a technology expert for Tracking System Direct. “Maybe a company will bring some form of augmented reality technology to CES 2013, but more than likely the show will be similar to last years in that the buzz was bigger than the substance.”

CES is always a blast because it brings so many innovative minds and companies together. The event has become almost like a circus, connecting a variety of businesses from every type of industry from cellular telematics, GPS monitoring, digital editing, artificial intelligence and more. First time show-goers are guaranteed to be impressed at all of the different consumer gadgets while getting a glimpse of what the future of technological products will hold. Maybe the 2013 CES show will reveal something truly groundbreaking, but our editors say people shouldn’t hold their breath because 2013 appears to be like 2012 in that the show will be fun but lack that one product that defines a decade.

What gadgets or technology devices are you anticpating will debut at the 2013 CES show?