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5 Best GPS Trackers For Small Business Contractors

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Best GPS Fleet Tracking Small Business


Efficiency and customer service are the names of the game in the business world, especially for small business enterprises such as contractors where every dollar and every review matters. That is why it is no surprise to see so many plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and general contractors call upon GPS tracking systems to enhance vehicle fleet management. But with so many different options on the GPS tracking market, it can be difficult to determine which automobile locators are best for small business contractors. However, according to online reviews, the 5 Best GPS Trackers For Small Business Contractors on the market are as follows:

1. Live SpaceHawk GPS Tracker 54

GPS Tracking Systems for Small Business

Car Tracking Device

Probably the most user-friendly live GPS tracking device on the market today, live GPS tracker 54 is a portable solution that is also waterproof. The live GPS tracker 54 can provide real time locations of company vehicles operating in the field, numerous driving reports related to mileage, and an assortment of other GPS tracking data that can help any small business contractor know what mobile assets are doing. What makes this GPS tracking system unique is it also has an exterior magnetic mount so contractors can easily equip this live GPS to the outside of work trucks without employees ever knowing they are being monitored! For $79.00 and $24.95 a month, the Live GPS tracker 54 is perfect for any small business contractor seeking a real time tracking solution for job costing, automotive security and more!

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2. Sync GPS Fleet Tracker

Best Fleet GPS Tracking Systems

GPS Tracker For Business

When a small business contractor is seeking a more permanent real time GPS tracking solution the Sync Fleet Tracker is certainly the ideal choice. This live GPS plugs right into the On-Board Diagnostic Port on any automobile which allows the tracker to be powered by a vehicle’s battery. That means small business contractors don’t need to worry about the GPS battery life. Sync Fleet Tracker provides all the real time GPS data as the more commonly used Live GPS 54, but also diagnostic information such as vehicle idling! The diagnostic data is great in determining if an employee is in the company vehicle and not working. The live GPS is also a great tool for boosting auto-theft security, allowing small business contractors to quickly recover a company vehicle if it is ever stolen. The best part about this GPS tracker? It now has no monthly fees!

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3. Flashback GPS Car Tracker

Fleet GPS Tracking No Monthly Fee

GPS Vehicle Tracking

A GPS data logger that can record second-by-second for an extended length of time, Flashback GPS is the perfect car tracker for small business contractors who want vehicle tracker with no monthly fees! Designed with a surface magnet for quick outside installation, Flashback GPS can be covertly placed on a company vehicle in seconds. The tracking system was also engineered to be waterproof so business owners do not have to worry about the vehicle tracker being damaged by rain. In order to view GPS tracking data small business contractors only need to remove the GPS device from the company vehicle and download the data to view everywhere an employee has been!

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4. DriveProof Dash Cam With GPS Tracking

Fleet Tracking Dash Cam

Dual Dash Cam With GPS Tracking

Small business contractors seeking a more comprehensive automobile tracking solution often consider dual dash cams with GPS tracking, and no dash cam GPS is more popular than the DriveProof Car Camera. Also classified as a GPS data logger, the DriveProof Car Camera will store driving activity to a memory card where employers can download it any time they are concerned an employee might be misusing company vehicles. However, unlike a standard GPS data logger, the DriveProof Car Camera will also record the inside and outside of the vehicle. This is a great feature for small business contractors concerned about potential liability that might stem from an accident or other situation where a company vehicle is involved in.

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5. GPS Tracking Key

No Fee GPS Tracker For Car

GPS Car Tracker

The top-selling GPS data logger of all-time, GPS Tracking Key continues to be widely used by businesses looking for a car tracker with no monthly fees. What makes GPS Tracking Key so popular among small business contractors is that this car or truck GPS tracker does not require any monthly data plans, it tracks every single second, and can work anywhere in the world! This is the tracking system that is ideal for any contractor who believes an employee might be skipping work, misusing a company vehicle or simply doing something they are not supposed to be doing.

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Small Business Contractors Using GPS Tracking

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians 
  • HVAC
  • Contractors 
  • Solar Panel Installers

GPS Fleet Tracking Pricing

GPS car tracking devices can range in price depending on the system, features and more. However, most businesses can anticipate investing about $100 for real time GPS trackers (along with the monthly data plans), and around $169 for GPS data loggers.

The best car GPS tracking devices for small businesses can help any company more efficiently manage drivers while protecting assets from auto-theft.