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GPS tracking devices are widely used by both businesses and consumers for a wide range of applications from GPS fleet tracking to teen driving safety. Regardless of the application, when it comes to the best way to track a car no piece of technology is better equipped to handle the task than a wireless GPS tracking device. Unfortunately, the challenging part for consumers and businesses is finding out what wireless GPS tracker is best. If you or your business have been researching the different wireless GPS tracking systems on the market it is likely you came across both real time and passive solutions. Although both active and passive car tracking solutions have advantages and disadvantages, our GPS experts have researched all the vehicle tracking options on the market and compiled a list of the 5 best wireless GPS trackers!

PlayBack Wireless GPS Tracker

Hidden GPS Tracker For CarFinding a wireless GPS tracking system that perfectly fits a consumer or business needs has never been more difficult than it is today. Part of the problem is an over-satiation in the market of real-time tracking devices that can be extremely costly from the hardware to the monthly service obligations. Many consumers and businesses believe that live tracking systems are the only solutions available, and therefore often get themselves stuck purchasing expensive trackers or in annual contracts when a more appropriate passive solution is the device that they really need. With more and more people requiring the use of GPS tracking technology for anything ranging from GPS fleet tracking to mileage documentation, more people are finding the PlayBack GPS to be the best wireless tracking device on the market.

What separates the PlayBack GPS from many of the other vehicle tracking devices on the market is that the PlayBack GPS has no activation requirements, no termination or monthly service fees, tracks data every second, and is not dependent upon cellular technology. PlayBack GPS has a magnetic mount that makes it easy for a business or parent of a teen driver to slap the wireless GPS tracker right to the underframe of any vehicle. When the user wants to review the information recorded onto the car tracking system all they need to do is retrieve the wireless GPS and download the information to their computer. By manually downloading data, the user does not have to sign an annual contract or pay monthly service fees that can cost upwards of $50 a month!

Top 3 Features of PlayBack GPS:
  1. No subscription costs 
  2. Waterproof housing
  3. The longest battery life of any GPS data logger

Those interested in learning more about this wireless GPS tracker can click here.

Connect OBD2 Tracker

Connect GPSIf there is one thing any business or average individual can agree upon it is that monthly service fees and contracts are a giant pain in the butt. Most people understand that some monthly expenses, such as electricity, water, gas, cable, and other bills, are simply a part of life. Then there are the second tier monthly service bills that include various insurances, gym memberships, online movie rental services, and cellular phone bills. When a person or business is researching and learning about real-time tracking and GPS monitoring, they quickly learn that information recorded and stored on the device needs to be transmitted in order to be viewed remotely. This transmission process over cellular networks results in a monthly service obligation. However, the Connect OBD2 tracker is the only realtime and mini portable car GPS on the market that comes with a free year of service. That means the car locator is a real time GPS tracker with no monthly fees!

In the GPS world where annual contracts are as common as butter on popcorn, the Connect OBD2 tracker breaks away from the mold. What many GPS tracking system providers will do is offer a slightly reduced monthly service cost in order to bait the customer in, but the catch is that the prospective customer must then sign a contract anywhere between one and two years! If the customer breaks the service contract they would then face stiff contract termination penalties and charges. Although the slightly lower introductory monthly service fee may initially sound enticing, the extended service contract could result in the customer getting tied to a very poor GPS service provider, and piece of technology that could become outdated relatively fast. All of those headaches are a thing of the past with the Connect OBD2 GPS tracking device because this wireless tracking device has no monthly fees for the first year of service!

Currently, the Connect OBD2 tracking system works in over 200 countries, offering live tracking capabilities at a global level. The wireless tracker also plugs directly into the OBD2 port so no professional installation is required. not to mention, by pulling power from the OBD2 port, this wireless GPS tracker also can provide information related to diagnostics such as harsh braking and vehicle idling.

Top 3 Features of Connect OBD2 Tracker:
  1. Free realtime service for a year
  2. No installation required
  3. Diagnostic information + live GPS updates
  4. Connected car tracker with SIM cards

Those interested in learning more about this wireless GPS tracker can click here.

Overall Best Wireless Car Tracker: SilverCloud Overdrive

longest battery gps trackerOne company that has changed the landscape of the GPS monitoring industry, bringing affordable and sophisticated GPS technology to consumers and businesses in Woodstock, Illinois-based LandAirSea Systems. LandAirSea has been producing and manufacturing vehicle management technologies for over 15 years, holding a sterling reputation for quality customer service, knowledgeable technical support, and GPS hardware/software. Although LandAirSea has been creating and pushing the boundary of GPS innovation for years, it wasn’t until the companies release of the SilverCloud Overdrive that they received global attention. Since that time, LandAirSea has been featured on Inc. 500, numerous GPS magazines, professional journals, and hundreds of online review sites.

Most people looking for a GPS monitoring solution prefer the use of a device that can receive and transmit data in real-time because of the many benefits live tracking can offer. Understanding that consumers and businesses both have a great need for live tracking vehicle management solutions, LandAirSea decided to create a cost-effective asset tracker that did not involve contracts or any other non-sense or hidden fees associated with most GPS devices on the market. The final product was the SilverCloud GPS tracking system, a unique and modern live tracker that could meet the high demands of law enforcement tracking, business tracking, and consumer tracking applications. What makes this wireless GPS tracker different than other real time devices is battery life. With over 80 hours of continuous tracking time, the SilverCloud Overdrive is the GPS tracker with the longest battery life! Users can anticipate getting nearly 3 months of live GPS updates with this tracker when drivers operate a vehicle at one hour per day.

SivlerCloud Overdrive was engineered with a motion sensor that places the wireless GPS tracker into a sleep mode when an asset or automobile is not moving to help sustain battery-power.

Top 3 Features of SilverCloud Overdrive:
  1. The longest battery life of any real time GPS
  2. Waterproof housing
  3. Realtime GPS tracker for vehicle 
  4. Hardwire option

Those interested in learning more about this wireless GPS tracker can click here.

Wireless GPS With No Monthly Fees: Driving Activity Reporter

Driving Activity Reporter

The most famous model of wireless GPS tracking unit ever created is the Driving Activity Reporter. What makes the top-selling tracker different from other devices available is that the data logger is a GPS tracker with no monthly fees. This is because data is stored in internal memory rather than transmitted over wireless networks. Some people may not like manually accessing the data, preferring to access remotely in real-time, but the cost-savings associated with using a passive system like the Driving Activity Reporter are undeniable. With no activation or monthly service fees, the Driving Activity Reporter is the best deal in town when it comes to GPS car tracking technology. Utilized by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, the Driving Activity Reporter will allow users to access anywhere an automobile has been, how long it was there for, speeds drive, time en route/departed, addresses the automobile arrived/departed, and more. Discovering the unknown activity of another has really never been easier or more cost-effective.

However, we should add that one of the biggest complaints about this wireless GPS tracker is that changing the two AAA batteries that power it is a pain. This is because users will need a small screwdriver to remove the 4 screws holding the compartment door shut and then, of course, make sure the water gasket is aligned correctly.

Top 3 Features of Driving Activity Reporter:
  1. No monthly service fees
  2. Exterior magnetic mount
  3. Affordable pricing 
  4. One of the highest-rated GPS trackers no monthly fees

Those interested in learning more about this wireless GPS tracker can click here.

Most Portable Wireless GPS SpaceHawk

Live GPS Car Tracker

After a successful debut in mid-March, the SpaceHawk GPS has already gained a reputation as the wireless GPS tracker of choice among many businesses and government agencies. Engineered in the United States with the most sophisticated antenna designs, GPS boards, and online software, the SpaceHawk has impressed all users with its compact design and user-friendly web interface. Looking to meet the needs of anyone needing a simple real time GPS tracker, the SpaceHawk tracking system can allow anyone to track a vehicle without them knowing!

There is a significant demand for a wireless real-time system that can be used as a portable solution or hard-wired to a vehicle and remotely activated if the vehicle ever becomes stolen. But there has never been an affordable and functional solution available on the market until the SpaceHawk. A real-time device with low-cost monthly service data plans, the SpaceHawk GPS security system is compact in size, reliable in performance, and easy to use.

Top 3 Features of SpaceHawk GPS:
  1. Service plans month-to-month 
  2. Mini portable real time tracker
  3. The most cost-effective portable live GPS tracker 
  4. A surface magnet for easy outside placement on vehicle

Those interested in learning more about this wireless GPS tracker can click here.

wireless GPS trackingOther Top GPS Trackers (Wireless)

  • SpyTec STI
  • Brickhouse Security TrackPort
  • MotoSafety OBD Mileage Tracker
  • Zubie GL500c12m

Passive Or Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Wireless Live GPS Trackers

Nearly every person who thinks about hidden GPS trackers for cars thinks about real-time monitoring. They think of James Bond-type tracking devices that have the ability for someone to see what a driver is doing remotely from a mobile phone or computer. Although it is true that active GPS trackers can provide businesses and consumers with many beneficial features such as alerts that send a notification if a person is speeding, the technology comes with a cost due to data usage. Having access to the location of a vehicle in real time is a great way to increase driver safety, boost automotive security and of course manage the mobile asset. However, there are some shortcomings of the real time technology that include:

  • Real-time tracking systems require a monthly service obligation.
  • Most real-time systems do not record driving information every second.
  • Cellular service most is preset for the wireless GPS tracker to function properly.

As they once again begin to comb through online GPS tracking review sites, articles and forums they discover passive monitoring technology. So let’s take a look at GPS data loggers and who wireless GPS trackers that are passive can also be helpful to anyone looking to track a vehicle.

Wireless GPS Data Loggers

Almost identical to active GPS trackers from a functionality standpoint, GPS data loggers are advantageous because the devices have no monthly service fees, track continuously every second, and only require a one-time purchase. However, passive vehicle trackers cannot be accessed remotely. The user must manually place the wireless GPS tracker on the target vehicle, let the tracking system gather and record tracking data, then remove the device from the vehicle, plugging it into a computer for information review.

Who Can Benefit From Passive Wireless GPS Tracking?

Businesses looking to investigate a potential moon-lighting employee can find passive devices such as the GPS Tracking Key a valuable asset. Not only will the data logger tabulate mileage traveled, but the wireless GPS tracking system will store the addresses a vehicle arrived, departed and stopped at, making it easy for any company to spot a weed in their garden of productive employees.

From the consumer perspective, families with a teen driver can use a device such as the PlayBack GPS to validate safe driving speeds and check to see if their teenage son or daughter was hanging out at the local biker bar, where neck tattoos and leather jackets are common evening attire.

Another group of consumers who might consider a passive wireless GPS tracking device are people who suspect a partner may be engaging in an affair. GPS data loggers allow a person to learn the truth about any potential romantic relationship(s) their partner may be involved in without forking out big bucks to a private investigator.

Of course, GPS data loggers are not the ideal fleet management solution for a company looking at improving fleet maintenance, routing, and dispatching, but the passive devices can be very helpful for those seeking a more simple wireless GPS tracking solution.

Potential Users Of Wireless GPS Tracking Systems

  1. Automobile Owners Looking To Safeguard Their Personal Vehicles
  2. Construction Companies Wanting To Protect Heavy Equipment & Machinery
  3. Car Dealerships Who Lease & Sell Vehicles
  4. People In Need Of A Device To Offer Security For Personal Items & Valuables

Finding quality and comprehensive reviews of tracking systems can be extremely difficult for even the better online navigators, making it hard for consumers and businesses to really understand the pros and cons of the tracking device they may be interested in investing in. Some online resources, such as GPS Tracking Review, provide in-depth evaluations of both GPS trackers and the companies who sell the monitoring technology. This can be very beneficial to a consumer or business looking at really seeing what devices and companies are winners, and which ones are losers. At the end of the day, active or passive vehicle trackers both have the ability to get the job done effectively. The question you need to ask yourself as the consumer is “how much am I willing to invest in a GPS tracking system, and would a passive tracking system fulfill my monitoring needs?’