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Real Time GPS Tracker For Automobiles

4G GPS Tracker For Car

Live GPS Tracker

The 4G GPS car tracker is a Live GPS tracker and the most user-friendly, affordable real-time auto tracking device on the market! Designed with a built-in exterior magnetic mount and waterproof housing, the 54 can easily be placed underneath a vehicle and begin tracking that automobile as quickly as every 3 seconds!

  • User-Friendly Online Tracking
  • Motion Activated/Sleep Mode
  • 40 Hours of Wheels-In-Motion Drive Time!!!
  • Data Plans Starting As LOW As $1 Per Day
  • Track A Car In Real-Time From Your Phone
  • No Bulky Cases Or Accessories Required
  • 24/7 Technical Support For FREE
  • LIFETIME Access To Historical Tracking Data
  • Set Speed & GEO-Fence Alerts

Find my car app iPhone

The 54 is the latest live data-streaming GPS Tracker from Tracking System Direct. This state-of-the-art live GPS tracker device is compact, completely waterproof and about the size of a small roll of electrical tape. The 54 vehicle tracker has an extremely powerful internal magnet that can securely attach to the bottom of any automobile, making covert placement a breeze! Multiple GPS tracking plans are also available, ranging from one minute to 3 seconds! Service plans are also-month-to-month so consumers or business can cancel their data plans anytime without any fees!


54 GPS Tracker


Hidden GPS Tracking Device

Easily attach the 4G GPS tracker underneath a truck, automobile or asset to monitor that item 24/7 in real-time! Tracking data can be viewed from a personal computer or mobile phone any time! Historical tracking data is also available for review for life! Document mileage, record addresses a driver arrived or departed from and more!


GPS Tracking Data Plans

With the Real-Time 54 device, you also get unlimited usage and historical GPS tracking and location data stored on a secure server. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers up to 24 days of continuous tracking on a single charge with an average driving time of 2 hr. Great for different applications, including fleet management, law enforcement, and personal tracking. The 54 works in more than 140 countries throughout the world. Many GPS monitoring systems sold online use out-dated GPRS/GSM cellular technology. This technology is obsolete and can cause many inaccuracies and headaches for businesses and consumers in need of a reliable car tracking and automotive management solution. AT&T has already completely shut down this technology and T-Mobile is the only company still using it.

Smallest GPS Tracker

54 GPS Tracker

The 4G GPS car tracker 54 is the perfect tracking device for parents wanting to receive speed alerts on how fast their teen drivers are going, businesses in need of a tool to track a fleet of vehicles or anyone looking to safeguard their automobile for theft! This device can also be taken in the outdoors for hiking or other adventures!

Personal GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracking System 54

GPS Tracker Made In USA

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