Law Enforcement

911 Prankster Busted


GPS Tracking Chip Leads Police To Prankster

Teen Arrested & Ordered To Undergo Mental Treatment

prankA teenager living in Queens, New York was arrested by police after he called into a 911 call center, giving 911 operators false information about a report that he saw a van full of people carrying guns. The call prompted New Jersey State Police to pull over a van full of people on the New Jersey Turnpike and pull their guns on the group of young individuals.The individuals, and the vehicle they were driving, were searched over-and-over again.

The van was filled with people from a Hispanic and African heritage, causing many people to believe the call was race-based.

New Jersey Police investigators were able to trace the phone call from the GPS tracking chip to a teen’s phone, which led them to 19-year old Rodney Tanzymore. Tanzymore was quickly arrested for the serious incident.

The judge overseeing the case put the bail amount at $15,000 dollars and required that Tanzymore receive a mental evaluation and examination to prove that he is competent.

Police who were involved in the situation proclaimed that the incident, even though it was intended to be humorous, had a negative and serious impact on plenty of people, and the seriousness of the event can not be understated. Thankfully, police were able to apprehend the culprit with the assistance of the tracking device in the teen’s cellular phone.