ACLU Sues Vermont


GPS Tracking Data Should Be Revealed

ACLU Sues Justice Department In Attempt To Release GPS Tracking Information

ACLUThe American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a lawsuit in the great state of Vermont against the Department of Justice in regards to GPS tracking data and information the government has accessed and stored from citizen’s cellular phones.

Today, GPS tracking systems are all around us. They are in cabs and rental cars for fleet management operations, and are embedded into the hardware of our mobile communication devices. GPS tracking systems provide us with a wealth of information related to location and travel history, but it is the government legally accessing personal GPS tracking data from our cellular phones that has made the ACLU dig their heels in and say enough.

Think about what the government is doing for a minute. They are legally monitoring the whereabouts of citizens via the GPS tracking system in their cell phones, documenting places they visit and where they are at during any given moment. They can see if you are going to the bar, what church you go to, friends you socialize with or what political establishments you frequent. They can access all this information and can do so legally.

What the ACLU is doing is not trying to stop the Department of Justice from accessing the live GPS tracker information, but rather that the government entity simply make the records public.

ACLU: Leftist Crack Heads Or Defenders of Constitution?

The ACLU is probably most known for their crazy law suits and positions on controversial issues. For example, the ACLU were the ones who wanted to take Christ out of Christmas and the word “God” out of the pledge of allegiance. However, this case against the Department of Justice in regards to GPS tracking is an interesting one because the government monitoring of private citizens is done without warrant or oversight.

GPS Tracking Opinion

What are your thoughts on the government accessing personal GPS tracking information and data from your personal cellular phone?

Source: ACLU