Adobe Throws In The Towel


Will There Be Flash On The iPhone?

Adobe Ends Efforts To Create Flash For Popular Mobile Device

Apple_iPhoneAfter careful consideration and thought, Adobe has chosen to no longer continue development toward Flash-to-iPhone software, ending many people’s hope that an iPhone update in the near future would support Flash. Adobe had been working on a tool that would support Flash for iPhones with it’s Creative Suite 5, but now has changed directions, looking to focus solely on the Android mobile operating system created by Google.

According to a technology news editor with GPS tracking system company Tracking System Direct, the move by Adobe has escalated tensions between the tech company and super company Apple as it now appears Adobe is becoming closer with Google.

Although Adobe is no longer pursuing development of Flash-to-iPhone software the research was by no means a wasted effort. In fact, many believe that the Adobe tool validates that there are no technical hurdles from Flash working successfully with the iPhone.

Adobe may be one of the biggest tech names in the Silicon Valley but they are by no means immune to criticism as Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been heard stating that the Flash technology built and designed by Adobe is “buggy” and a “CPU hog”.

iPhone lovers will have to wait and see what the brains at Apple will do to have Flash available for the phone that is quickly becoming the most popular selling mobile communication device in the country.

Source: PC World