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Personal safety and security have been the driving force and the fundamental reason for the existence of Tracking System Direct. Looking to improve the safety of company drivers, reduce the number of teen driving accidents and enhance the tools of police enforcement agents across the globe, Tracking System Direct spent thousands of hours researching and testing various GPS tracking systems. Over the past year, Tracking System Direct has been substantially helpful in improving parents’ ability to monitor the driving habits of their teen children, businesses improve the routing and efficiency of employees and police forces investigate criminal activity. Although Tracking System Direct is very proud of the positive impact it has had on parents, businesses and police forces, everyone at Tracking System Direct still feels that people need more than GPS trackers to feel completely safe and secure in their everyday lives. Understanding the security and surveillance needs of consumers all across the globe, Tracking System Direct has chosen to expand its inventory and offer more to enhance personal safety. We here at Tracking System Direct are proud to announce that in the early portion of 2011 we will be launching a whole new line of security products!

What People Can Expect From The New Tracking System Direct

People looking for more than simple or sophisticated vehicle tracking systems will soon be able to go to Tracking System Direct for essentially all of their surveillance and security needs. The new line of product inventory people can expect from Tracking System Direct will include various voice recording devices, home camera systems, hidden cameras, DVRs, self-defense tools, keystroke loggers, memory cards and an assortment of security products. As always, Tracking System Direct will continue to offer free technical support for the life of each and every product, while extending a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on all hardware/software!

Tracking System Direct is very excited about the new line of security products that will be launched in the first quarter of 2011, and will soon be changing the current design of our website to accommodate the new products. Anyone with questions regarding our GPS monitoring units or the new line of security products can contact a Tracking System Direct representative 7 days a week.