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Air Compressor GPS Tracker

Air Compressor GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Portable Air Compressors

Companies in the oil and gas industries constantly rely upon portable diesel-powered air compressors to help them perform their jobs. Unfortunately, these portable air compressors are not only expensive but they can also be targeted by thieves, making it important that oil and gas companies take measures to take safety precautions. These safety precautions include things such as investing in GPS trackers for construction equipment. Now, let’s take a closer look at why air compressor GPS trackers and how they are playing a critical role in assisting oil and gas companies to enhance efficiency.

Oil and gas companies want the ability to track the portable air compressor equipment via GPS and to be able to remotely shut the air compressor down as well.  The reasoning behind this is that these smaller portable air compressors are utilized to start large natural gas compressors in very remote areas such as SW Texas in the Permian Basin.  Once the smaller air compressor is used to start the much large gas compressor, the end-user typically does not shut off the portable unit. This leads to unnecessary run time and issues with trying to restart them in person with a no-fuel situation. These are typically Kubota 3 cylinder engineers that are more commonly found in the Kubota UTV’s and smaller lawn tractors. The air compressors are 12-volt powered.

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How GPS Tracking Devices Remotely Shut Down Air Compressors

The ignition wire can be cut and wired to disable relay to prevent it from being started as a car but to stop the engine remotely is another story. Most GPS tracking companies are not allowed to stop vehicle engines in real-time for obvious liability reasons, but there is nothing stopping a business from utilizing the same kill switch technology on air compressors. The company just needs to find a wire that stops the air compressor unit while running (which can be tricky). As long as they can find that particular wire, GPS tracking and shutting down the portable diesel air compressor remotely is possible. This is because the tracking device has output functionality, an internal lithium battery, and waterproof features.

What Is A Portable Diesel-Powered Air Compressor?

One of the most popular diesel-powered air compressors used in areas such as the Permian Basin in Southwest Texas includes devices such as the Atlas Copco XAS 188. The Atlas Copco XAS 188 air compressor is a single-stage oil-injected rotary screw type air compressor, powered by a liquid-cooled, three-cylinder diesel engine. The unit consists of an air end, diesel engine, cooling circuit, air/oil separation, and control systems – all enclosed within a sound dampened HardHatTM polyethylene shell. Unique features of the air compressor include– 110% fluid containment, internal toolbox, external lifting eye, new easy-to-use controller XC1004.

Additional Benefits of Atlas Copco Air Compressor

  • 189 CFM free air delivery @ 2.37Gal/hr (8.97L/hr)
  • Protects the environment from spill/ leaks, avoids costly cleanup
  • Easy to use, one controller to regulate the entire machine
  • Well balanced for safer towing or moving around the job site
  • High ground clearance for the rough job site and road conditions
  • Internal Tool Box – Fits 90 lb hammer fit all you need inside the lockable compressor
  • Less than one hour service with no special tools required
  • Heavy-duty double-wall polyethylene enclosure
  • Dent and UV Resistant
  • Keeps looking new for longer and adds to resale value
  • Easy access for getting on/off-site

Air Compressor Theft Prevention

When it comes to managing construction equipment there really is no better solution on the market than real time GPS tracking devices. Having the ability to instantly locate and remotely shut down an air compressor is giving companies working in Texas oil fields and other locations across the world the ability to improve safety and boost efficiency. 

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