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Once only used to track employees and criminals, tracking systems are now used to monitor everything from dogs, cats, and almost every other animal walking, crawling, or swimming on the Earth. One could say GPS monitoring has officially gone to the dogs. However, with a dynamic shift from GPS monitoring of vehicles to GPS observation of animals, many people are asking:

Has the use of GPS monitoring systems gone too far?

GPS Tracking Animals

Scientists have successfully utilized tracking system technology to track the movements of blue sheep, mating patterns of turtles, and migration sequences of sunfish, and that is not even the tip of the iceberg of the wealth of information gathered from GPS tracking technology. Nobody can deny that the knowledge scientists, ecologists, and biologists have acquired directly from the use of GPS monitoring technology may have never been obtained as quickly or efficiently, if ever. However, most people have no quandaries regarding the scientific application of monitoring animals for the greater purpose of humanity. It is the abnormal animal GPS monitoring applications that has raised eyebrows.

GPS Dog Tracking System

Type in “dog GPS” or “dog tracking system” into any search engine and you may be surprised how many results will pop-up. This is because GPS monitoring pets is the newest craze since Von Dutch trucker hats, but nowhere nearly as annoying as the latter. Nobody wants to lose a beloved pet, and that is why it is completely understandable why pet owners would want to take advantage of tracking system technology to safeguard Fido or Spike. If the family dog ever gets lost, all a pet owner needs to do to discover the animal’s location is log onto a secure website and the GPS coordinates will be shown, assuming the dog is wearing the GPS collar. The GPS tracker provides a simple solution to an age old problem: how to find a lost pet in the swiftest time possible to ensure safety.

Tracking animals for experimenting purposes or a family pet provides a genuine and functional purpose, but  some people are taking the monitoring science to the extreme, wanting to use tracking system technology to monitor fish in a fish bowl or gerbils in cage. With all of the positive things GPS monitoring systems have given and continue to give the world, has the tracking officially got out of hand?

Do you think people are overusing GPS monitoring technology?

With tracking systems being very beneficial to many sectors, will the GPS tracking technology expand?