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Can Your Track Car With GPS If It Is Stolen?

Gone are the days when people would have to rely on annoying car alarms honking to alert them or a good Samaritan that someone may be trying to break into their vehicle. With the progression of technology has come ani-theft vehicle tracking systems that can notify automobile owners if their vehicle has been stolen, with some anti-theft electronic devices having the ability to disable starting capabilities. In fact, with GPS trackers and other anti-theft devices becoming inexpensive for consumers and businesses to purchase the end result has been auto theft rates continuing to decline according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. But how can a GPS tracker for car theft help boost automotive security, and are the vehicle theft stats showing a correlation between GPS tracking technology and reduced car theft?

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According to a representative for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, there are now roughly 250 million vehicles populating the roadways today, or nearly double the number of vehicles that were on the roadways 20 years prior. FBI data shows that in 2008, approximately 300 cars per every 100,000 people were stolen, and almost 20 years earlier the statistic was approximately 650 cars per every 100,000 people were stolen. That’s over a 50% reduction in car thefts in only the span of 20 years! Officials attribute the reduction in vehicle thefts solely to the advancement of anti-theft devices and the emergence of GPS tracking systems.

GPS Tracker For Car Theft

GPS tracking technology has aided anti-theft measures in multiple ways. First of all, consumers who invest in vehicle tracking systems are able to rest assured that if a thief does break into their automobile that the GPS tracker will monitor every location that the thief travels. In fact, one feature offered by the real time GPS tracking device is what is known as a geo-fence which will actually send out a text message alert the moment a vehicle is stolen. The anti-theft vehicle tracking system technology makes it extremely easy for law enforcement to locate and arrest thieves, something they would have had difficulty doing prior to the inception of the GPS tracking technology.

Another way anti-theft vehicle tracking system technology has aided automobile security measures is that it gives police a new way to set up sting operations on car thieves. For example, when the car theft problem reached absurd proportions in the Phoenix Arizona area in 2005, almost 10 vehicles were being stolen every single day. The local authorities, trying to get control over the situation, began placing anti-theft vehicle tracking systems inside dummy vehicles and left the cars in neighborhoods and areas known to have a high frequency of car thefts. The anti-theft vehicle tracking system sting operations have led to a dramatic 60% decline in car thefts in only a 4-year span in the Phoenix area.

Car owners should feel a small sense of comfort knowing that automobile theft is on the decline overall. However, if a car owner resides in a high-risk area for automobile theft they should consider looking into how anti-theft vehicle tracking system technology may assist in protecting their automobile. If investing in a GPS tracker for car theft is not an option, here are 7 additional ways to reduce automobile theft.

7 Ways To Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen or Broken Into

  1. Hide valuables so they are out of sight
  2. Always make sure car doors are locked
  3. Avoid parking in dark areas
  4. Never leave keys in a vehicle
  5. Keep windows rolled up
  6. Avoid parking in high-crime areas or suspicious places
  7. Be aware of the surroundings and people in the area

GPS Tracker For Van

Punk Rock Band Has Tour Van Stolen

Anti-theft vehicle tracking systems provide small and large touring acts additional protection and security. In fact, GPS tracking technology can assist bands in two ways. First, if the touring van or bus is ever stolen, the tracking device can act as a theft-reclamation solution, allowing the band to quickly retrieve the stolen vehicle and all the stage equipment inside. Second, many bands have been using real time GPS as a way to interact, connect, and become closer to fans. This is done when a band posts the live location of their tour on their websites so fans can see everywhere the band travels.

Adelita, a southern California punk rock band that used and posted GPS tracking system data on their website for fans to view said, “We had so many fans asking us when we would be in their town that it just seemed natural for us to want to post the GPS data on our website.” Justin Martens, the drummer for Adelita, also stated, ” After hearing about what happened to Strung Out in Philadelphia, the GPS tracker also gave us a sense of additional protection, especially since we are a smaller band who would be totally screwed if our equipment got jacked”.

Unfortunately for Strung Out, and many other bands who have been victimized by theft, they did not have their blue Ford E-350 15-passenger van installed with an anti theft vehicle tracking system.

Southern California punk rock band Strung Out had played tens of thousands of shows across the United States for over 15 years and never had a situation occur like what occurred in Philadelphia in the Autumn months of 2007. Jordan Burns, the drummer for Strung Out, explained how not even a little more than 15 minutes had passed from the moment they checked into their hotel room before a drug addict broke into the band’s touring van and drove off with it and all the band’s equipment and merchandise. Burns stated that he understood they were not in the nicest part of town, but this was simply ridiculous. As the band attempted to chase down their stolen van, they couldn’t help but to wish that they had a GPS tracker for car theft installed onto the vehicle.

Strung Out

Strung Out is a southern California quartet that has established itself as one of the hardest working progressive punk acts. Signed to an independent record label, Fat Wreck Chords, Strung Out has never attempted to pursue the mainstream market like other punk rock acts such as Blink 182, Green Day, and Rancid. Strung Out recently released their newest album, “Agents of the Underground”. The album has been receiving great reviews from numerous music critics.

Vehicle Theft

Celebrity Car Theft

Princess Beatrice’s Car Stolen

Car theft is a problem that can affect any person, in any country, regardless of social status. Ask Princess Beatrice, the 30-year-old royal family member who had her BMW stolen while it was parked outside of a high-end store. Beatrice, clearly a naive woman who believed the world was a safe and happy place, left the keys in the ignition of her $30,000 exotic automobile. The situation was unfortunate and embarrassing, but what was even worse was that the royal family did not have a GPS tracking system equipped to the vehicle that would have allowed the royal police to access the vehicle’s location in real-time. Princess Beatrice’s BMW could have been returned safely within the hour if the royal family invested in anti-theft GPS tracking devices for their fleet of vehicles. Thankfully, representatives for the royal family stated that there was nothing of any real personal value in the vehicle.

With businesses and consumers everywhere realizing the importance of having continuous real-time access to their fleet of vehicles it is surprising that a family as distinguished and wealthy as the royals would not have GPS tracking devices installed in family-owned vehicles. GPS tracking technology provides the solution for theft recovery, fleet management, and real-time monitoring. The car thief would have had no chance of successfully escaping if the princesses’ car had a vehicle tracking device installed.

Real Time GPS Tracking Device For Vehicle Theft

The most common form of GPS tracking that most people use comes courtesy of mobile apps that can be used to help people plot and track exercise and workout routines, or how a navigational GPS system can make driving in an unfamiliar area less stressful. In fact, every smartphone now has a GPS chip embedded in it that can help the mobile phone user locate nearby restaurants, gas stations, and more. However, the technology that is powering anti-theft vehicle tracking systems utilizes actual satellite GPS technology instead of cellular technology. And what is most impressive is how the same real time GPS tracking devices for vehicle theft are actually providing assistance in other areas.

Most people can think of at least one time or another that they wish they could access a person’s location in real-time because of an emergency situation. Sometimes cellular phones are dead, out of coverage, or turned off, making them essentially useless. Without that avenue of communication, many people are lost. Real time GPS tracking devices offer another form of communication and security that can help. Here are some examples of real time anti theft tracking systems providing assistance in other areas:

  1. When senior loved ones are becoming more forgetful a real time GPS tracker gives the family a way to see everywhere their elderly loved ones are driving, ensuring they don’t become lost.
  2. When a teenager in the family has just learned to drive and has been given the keys to the family car real-time vehicle tracking systems will allow parents to check if the teen driver is speeding.
  3. When business owners need to see if employees are working while in the field a real-time GPS tracker will give the business owner the ability to view the employee’s location at any time.

There is no doubt the best way to safeguard a vehicle from theft is through the use of an anti-theft vehicle tracking system. However, the technology that powers anti-theft car trackers also provides additional monitoring solutions that will only continue to grow and infiltrate our lives more moving forward!

Source: USA Today