Are Cell Phone Jammers Illegal?


Cell Phone Jammers

Info Related To Sale & Operation Of Devices That Interfere With Cell Communication

fccAt one time or another we have all experienced or witnessed the person chatting on their phone while standing in line at the grocery store, in the movie theatre before the film starts or in some other situation where it seems completely rude or inappropriate to be talking on a cellular phone. Many of us simply try not to let the annoyance interfere with our day, but some people prefer to go the extra mile to step in and do something, utilizing a device often referred to as a cell phone jammer to render a person’s mobile communication device worthless. These cellular communication jammers are also sought after by employees or people who have real-time vehicle tracking systems installed to their work or personal vehicles because the jammers have the ability to disrupt signals being sent from the real time GPS tracker over local wireless networks. Although there is a number of reasons why people would want to invest in cellular jamming technology, many people should first clearly understand the laws pertaining to the use, sale or marketing of devices that can be used to jam, prevent or interfere with cellular communication.

The government agency that oversees and manages technology related to personal and cellular communication services is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and they have been very clear about their position on cell phone jammers and other devices used to interfere, manipulate, jam or prevent the transmission of those services. The FCC is the regulation body of all television, radio, cellular, satellite and cable activity throughout the nation, and the last thing they are okay with is anyone being disruptive to the services they oversee. This is why people who find themselves asking whether or not cell phone jammers are illegal should understand that the answer is a definitive YES!


In fact, if a person uses, sells, promotes or markets any device or form of technology that can mess with cellular signals that person can be subjected to heavy fines ($11,000 per day) and/or time in prison. And of course, all of the equipment used to interfere with the cellular communication and transmission would be seized.

Although that person chatting in the grocery store or even the movie theatre can be very annoying, when a GPS or cell phone jammer is used it effects everyone in the surrounding area. That means if there was an emergency, nobody in the area (usually around 50-100 feet) would be able to use their cellular or mobile communication devices to call for help. Other wireless networks could also be compromised by the use of such jamming equipment, making the situation even more serious for those working in hospitals and other places where multiple technological products are being used. This is why the FCC is so adamant and concerned with the use of technology, and why it is illegal.

The world is becoming smaller and more micro-managed, as businesses, consumers and government agencies now call upon an assortment of technological security products to oversee safety. GPS tracking systems are now commonly used by companies to improve fleet management, hidden camera systems decorate school campuses/parking lots and spy software can be found on almost every computer that is publicly used. Although some of us may not agree with the way society is progressing and moving, that does not give them the right to act maliciously toward the technology that is in place to add security and protection to the rest of us. Anyone who utilizes, sells or markets a device or system designed to deliberately interfere with cellular communication will be punished for their actions.

Source: FCC Public Notice