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Are GPS Trackers Legal In Florida?

Is GPS Tracking Legal In Florida?

What You Need To Know About GPS Car Trackers In Florida

Are you concerned your employees might be slacking off while operating company-owned vehicles? Or maybe you want to track the location or movement of a person engaging (or potentially engaging) in a marital affair? If you have serious suspicions about someone it is very likely you started researching tracking devices and maybe GPS law. But is it illegal to put a GPS tracker on someone’s car in Florida? Let’s take a deep dive into tracking applications and Florida’s GPS law!

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Is It Legal To Put A GPS Tracker On Someone’s Vehicle In Florida?

The Florida statute in regards to the use of GPS tracking devices or tracking applications really depends on the circumstances. Let’s go over a few examples of some common situations where it is legal to place a tracker on someone’s car in Florida:

Parent Or Legal Guardian 

Parents or guardians can lawfully equip a GPS on their child’s vehicle under the Florida tracking law. 

Business Entity 

If you own a business with work vehicles and want to utilize GPS tracking for legitimate business purposes you can legally do so as long as the company owns the vehicles being used by the workers. In some cases, the business still must notify the employee of the installation of the tracking system.

Owner Of The Vehicle 

You have every right to knowingly install a GPS tracker on your personal vehicle for the primary purpose of monitoring your asset. A person’s property can be used how they want, and a person’s consent is not needed to track that person operating the privately owned vehicle. 

Dissolution Of Marriage

If you are lawfully married but separated you can greenlight the installation of tracking device technology if you own the vehicle. If you do not own the vehicle, Floridas’ new GPS law states that you cannot equip the tracker inside the car. However, if you are separated or otherwise living apart (or filed for divorce), you can legally place a tracking system on the outside of the vehicle as long as that vehicle is parked on public property. Please note that a criminal defense lawyer could argue evidence gathered from a GPS tracker not be allowed in court. 

Elderly Person Or Disabled Adult

Persons or disabled adults that are high-risk can legally be tracked as long as their children or guardianship are acting in good faith. 

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Florida Law On GPS Tracking Of Employees

If you want to track your employees in Florida you might be wondering if they have to give consent to the installation of a tracker on their work vehicle. The answer is no. If you own the work vehicles you do not need to provide any notice or receive written or verbal consent to the vehicle monitoring as the assets are legally your property. 

Do you still have questions regarding GPS laws in Florida? We encourage you not to take the information in this article as legal advice and to communicate your concerns directly to an attorney in Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa Bay, or any other city in Florida where you will be using the vehicle tracker! 

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