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Are GPS Trackers Legal In Florida?

GPS Tracking Laws In Florida – Are GPS Trackers Legal In FL?

Are you concerned your employees might be slacking off while operating company-owned vehicles? Or maybe you want to track the location or movement of a person engaging (or potentially engaging) in a marital affair? If you have serious suspicions about someone it is very likely you started researching tracking devices and maybe GPS law. But is it illegal to put a GPS tracker on someone’s car in Florida? In this article, we will answer everything you need to know about GPS tracking laws in Florida! 

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Is It Legal to Put a GPS Tracker on Someone’s Vehicle in Florida?

The legality of placing a GPS tracker on someone’s vehicle in Florida depends on specific circumstances. Let’s review some common situations to understand when it is legal:

  • Parent or Legal Guardian. Parents or guardians can lawfully install a GPS tracker on their child’s vehicle as per Florida tracking laws.
  • Business Entity. If you own a business and want to use GPS tracking for legitimate business purposes, you can do so legally on company-owned vehicles. However, in some cases, employee notification may be required.
  • Vehicle Owner. As the owner of a vehicle, you have the right to install a GPS tracker for monitoring purposes. Consent is not required to track the person operating the privately owned vehicle.
  • Dissolution of Marriage. If lawfully married but separated, you can install a tracking device on a vehicle you own. However, Florida’s GPS law prohibits placing a tracker inside a vehicle you do not own. External placement on a vehicle parked in public property is permissible, but note that evidence gathered from a GPS tracker may be challenged in court.
  • Elderly Person or Disabled Adult. High-risk individuals can be tracked legally if their children or guardians are acting in good faith.

It’s important to consult with legal professionals for advice on specific situations and potential limitations. Compliance with Florida laws ensures the lawful and ethical use of GPS tracking devices.

Florida Law On GPS Tracking Of Employees

If you want to track your employees in Florida you might be wondering if they have to give consent to the installation of a tracker on their work vehicle. The answer is no. If you own the work vehicles you do not need to provide any notice or receive written or verbal consent to the vehicle monitoring as the assets are legally your property. 

Do you still have questions regarding GPS laws in Florida? We encourage you not to take the information in this article as legal advice and to communicate your concerns directly to an attorney in Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa Bay, or any other city in Florida where you will be using the vehicle tracker!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I legally install a GPS tracking device on someone’s vehicle in Florida?

Yes, the legality of installing a GPS tracking system on someone’s vehicle in Florida depends on the specific circumstances. There are situations where it is legal, such as when you are the owner of the vehicle, a parent or legal guardian tracking a child’s vehicle, or a business owner tracking company-owned vehicles for legitimate purposes.

Is it legal to track the location of an employee’s vehicle using a GPS device?

Yes, as long as you are the owner or lessee of the vehicle and the tracking is done for legitimate business purposes. However, it is advisable to inform your employees about the installation of the tracking device to comply with legal requirements.

Are there any restrictions on installing GPS trackers on vehicles without consent in Florida?

Yes, it is generally illegal to install a GPS tracker on someone else’s vehicle without their consent. Florida law prohibits the unlawful installation of tracking devices or applications without the owner’s permission.

Can I use a GPS tracking device for personal safety and protection in Florida?

Yes, you can use a GPS tracking device for personal safety and protection, such as tracking your own vehicle or monitoring the location of a high-risk individual under your care, such as an elderly person or disabled adult.

What are the potential legal consequences for unlawfully installing a tracking device on someone’s vehicle in Florida?

The unlawful installation of a tracking device without the owner’s consent can lead to legal consequences. It is important to understand and comply with Florida’s laws to avoid potential penalties or criminal charges related to privacy invasion or other offenses.

Source: Florida Statutes Section 934.425


The information provided in this article on GPS tracking laws in Florida is for general informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as legal advice. While Tracking System Direct will strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability with respect to the article or the information contained within. We are not licensed attorneys who practice law in the state of Florida.

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We disclaim any liability for any loss or damage incurred by readers or users of this article who rely on the information provided. It is the responsibility of the reader to evaluate the accuracy, completeness, and applicability of any information presented here. Use of this article constitutes understanding and acceptance of this disclaimer.

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