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Aurora Bank Robber Busted By GPS

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Bait Money With GPS Leads To Arrest

Bank robbers depicted in old western movies would raise their guns to a bank teller, demand a bag full of cash, hop on their ponies and ride out of dodge as fast as they possibly could. Escape was simply based on whether or not the bank robber could outrun the local sheriff. Those lucky enough to outrun the good guys would ride off into the sunset with their heisted loot. Unfortunately, successfully getting away from the scene of the crime does not result in a successful getaway in today’s technologically advanced world, and a bank robber in the small town of Aurora, Illinois found this out the hard way.

When Miguel Rameriz stepped into a local PNC Bank he had the intention of making a significant withdrawal. The only problem was that this withdrawal would be made with a note saying “All the Money!” and the aid of a firearm instead of a debit card. When the bank teller took a second look at the note, Rameriz whispered “give me all the money”, and once again casually revealed his pistol. Although it was later revealed that the weapon was only a BB gun, it was more than enough to frighten the bank employee who then nervously placed over $7,000 into a plastic bag Rameriz brought. However, the quick-thinking bank teller also put something else into the bag of cash, a GPS tracking system that had the ability to send out locational data in real-time.

After Rameriz walked out of the bank and away from the crime scene with his bag full of cash he probably felt he was going to ride off into the sunset. Little did he know that law enforcement was hot on his trail, watching the real-time tracking data provide detailed information on his whereabouts every few seconds. With the data provided from the GPS tracker, police were able to discover that the bag of money was located inside a Ford Bronco at a nearby BP gasoline refilling station. Inside that station was the bank robber Rameriz, oblivious to the fact that his loot was actually aiding authorities to the criminal’s whereabouts.

From the moment Rameriz left the scene of the crime until the moment, he was apprehended was roughly 30 minutes, showing exactly why GPS monitoring technology continues to help aid police in criminal investigations.

A judge for the United States Magistrate has ruled Rameriz must stay in jail while he faces criminal charges related to the bank robbery.