GPS Tracking Children

Baby Miraculously Survives Train Accident

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GPS Tracking Children May Never Be Enough

Parents take every precaution to safeguard their children, but sometimes there is simply no avoiding accidents. In the blink of an eye, a casual day has the potential to turn into tragedy, and that is almost exactly what happened when a mother in Australia took her eyes off her baby who was sleeping in a stroller.

Waiting for a train is nothing new to most people and parents, but when a mother in Australia took only a moment to pull up her pants, she quickly recognized that the baby carrying her stroller began to move and move fast. As the mother finished pulling up her clothing, which only took less than maybe a second, her baby stroller began accelerating faster and faster as it headed right for the train tracks. As the mother noticed what was happening, she quickly bolted toward her child, only to see the stroller fall onto the train tracks and right into the path of an oncoming train. In the horrific video shown above, the moment the baby and stroller fell onto the train tracks an oncoming train crashed into both baby and stroller before the conductor was able to pull the emergency brake and stop the train. The whole incident, which occurred in no less than maybe 5 seconds, was caught on tape. However, the most surprising outcome was that as gruesome as the video was the baby only received minor injuries, going home to her family that night!

GPS Tracker For Kids

More and more parents are using sophisticated monitoring and surveillance equipment to enhance personal safety, and the devices that these proactive parents are turning toward are GPS tracking systems. Once only used for vehicle tracking applications for fleet management managers, GPS tracking systems are now one of the ways parents can see every movement their baby, child or teen makes. By placing a tracking unit on baby, in the backpack or clothing of a child or on the car of a teen driver, parents will be able to quickly and easily have 24/7 access to everywhere and anywhere that individual is and has been. Making the process even more simple, any parent can access the data from home, work or any other accessible computer.

Some parents will even have nannies or caregivers keep the tracking systems in a baby’s stroller so the parents can both have remote access to everywhere the child has been.

Not Even GPS Tracking Is Full-Proof

GPS tracking systems really are excellent devices to improve the safety of any family, but using GPS monitoring technology does not guarantee complete child safety. Even if a GPS tracker designed for baby was utilized by a parent, an accident can still happen in a split second. The video above shows that the primary level of protection for any child still falls on the parents, and if the parent fails to recognize the potential dangers surrounding them than an accident always has the possibility of happening. Parents should take advantage of all the various tools available to improve family safety, but never forget that they are the most important tool for keeping their children safe.