Law Enforcement

Badge Saves Officer’s Life


Badge Stops Bullet From Killing Law Enforcement Officer

Police Officer Thankful To Be Alive

badgePolice officers are very well aware of the potential dangers they could face every time they step out into the field with their badge. Dealing with thieves, drug dealers and murderers is all in a day’s work for the men in blue. A law enforcement officer will take every precaution available to protect themselves, strapping on a bullet proof vest, being cautious of surroundings and calling for back up when appropriate. However, sometimes an officer can take every possible precaution and still find themselves in a troubling situation, and that is exactly what happened to a Las Vegas police officer who ended up needing a stroke of luck to save his life.

Although the press have not officially released the name of the officer involved, an editor for the GPS tracking news team for Tracking System Direct learned that a officer in Las Vegas was involved in a gun fire exchange after responding to a disturbance phone call and was shot. The GPS tracking editor also uncovered that the officer had sustained no serious injuries related to the gunshot as the bullet from the perpetrator’s gun was stopped by the officer’s badge.

When a GPS tracking news team member contacted the Las Vegas Police Department the representative verified the story and stated how happy and thankful the entire force was that the bullet was unable to cause injury because of the presence of the badge.

Source: Las Vegas Sun