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Vehicle Tracking Systems Used to Catch Car Thieves

Police have always been creative in generating unique methods to capture criminals, using vehicle tracking systems and other surveillance equipment to get the job done. Police departments have triumphantly been applying vehicle tracking system science to apprehend all variations of suspected criminals for many years. With the over one million cars stolen every year in America, police have begun using bait cars installed with vehicle tracking systems to capture car thieves red-handed.

How Vehicle Tracking Systems and Bait Car Stings Work

The concept behind bait car stings is simple, police place GPS vehicle trackers onto a type of car that most thieves tend to target and place the vehicle into an area where a high frequency of car thefts occur. When a criminal breaks into a vehicle and steals it, police are able to easily track down the thief by following the data provided by the vehicle tracking system. Police then capture the criminal and send him to jail.

One organization that has brought hundreds of car thieves to justice is the Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team (IMPACT). IMPACT, a Canadian-based crime taskforce agency, is a network of 22 highly-trained police members and auto-theft investigators that have come together from 7 different Vancouver police forces. IMPACT has numerous special strategies to target car thieves that both include and exclude the use of tracking systems, and the overall function of the agency is to reduce auto-related crimes. Therefore, car tracking devices tend to be the most valuable tool that the agency uses on day-to-day operations. “We service 16 municipalities with our bait car operations that have resulted in numerous arrests”, said an IMPACT member. These bait cars are equipped with the highest level of sophisticated monitoring technology from vehicle tracking systems, and audio and visual surveillance equipment.

The Most Popular Vehicles Stolen

IMPACT uses vehicle tracking systems in multiple types of vehicles during the bait car operations, but the most popular cars they say are stolen tend to be luxury vehicle brands such as Mercedes, Lexus, and BMW.

Although there is no way to completely prevent a car from being stolen, police suggest using a truck GPS tracker or car tracker into the vehicle, getting an excellent insurance policy, and always making sure that the vehicle’s doors are locked. Parking the vehicle in the garage or another safe location is another tip police state that can help reduce the risk of having your vehicle stolen.