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Bald Eagle Is Released With GPS Tracker


Bald Eagle GPS Tracking

When a good Samaritan was riding his motorcycle down a highway road he noticed an endangered bald eagle laying injured on the side of the road. The motorist picked up the injured animal, placed him in his leather jacket, gently laid the bird on the back of his bike and then drove the bird to a nearby zoo. The bird was later transferred to the University of Minnesota’s Raptor Center, an education/ veterinarian facility that is widely recognized as being one of the best centers for raptor medicine and surgery.

When the bird arrived at the University of Minnesota he was not in healthy shape. The bird, which was then given the name Harley after being rescued by the man riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle, was diagnosed with lead poisoning and a fractured wing. Although the veterinarians could not determine what may have been the cause of the wing injury they do believe that the lead poisoning was caused from Harley eating prey that were shot with lead bullets.

After a long rehabilitation process, Harley made his first flight in December and was officially released into the wild earlier today. The majestic bird was equipped with a GPS tracking system before it’s release that will allow veterinarians to monitor Harley’s progress in real-time. Not only will the GPS tracker allow Harley’s caretakers a way to make sure the bird is healthy and safe, but the GPS tracking data will also help scientists learn more about the movements and habits of bald eagles.

GPS tracking systems are now frequently used by scientists and researchers on animals because the GPS systems provide a wealth of GPS tracking data that can be used to monitor movements, migration patterns and more.

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