GPS Tracking Dealer Opportunity

Join The Tracking System Direct Team As An Authorized Reseller!

Tracking System Direct is proud to announce a new dealer program aimed at bringing individuals and small businesses across the globe the opportunity to become part of one of the fastest-growing fields of technology, the telematics industry.

The vehicle tracking industry is growing at an exponential rate as consumers, businesses, and law enforcement agencies everywhere are turning to GPS monitoring technology for a variety of applications from teen tracking, fuel maintenance, asset management, improving employee productivity and personal safety.

Estimates have the U.S. telematics industry growing over 250% in the next three years as the demand for GPS tracking and monitoring technology will usher in a new wave of opportunity for the industry. “The GPS tracking industry is booming as concerned parents of teens seek a method of monitoring teen driving, families look to keep grandparents with fading memories a mouse click away, consumers search for a cost-effective way to protect personal assets, businesses explore ways to cut fuel costs and law enforcement agencies pursue affordable methods to investigate criminals in an era of cutbacks. The industry has truly shown its strength and momentum as the demand for tracking devices has only grown in the midst of severe recession”, explained Tracking System Direct President of Operations Ryan Horban.

If success is based upon calculated risk and good timing, there has never been a better time to get involved in this rapidly growing market.

What Will Tracking System Direct Do For Me?

Tracking System Direct will provide new distributors the following tools to become successful:

  • A link on the highly ranked Tracking System Direct homepage to direct traffic and increase SEO efforts for the dealer.
  • Competitive pricing with excellent margins.
  • Technical support on all GPS tracking system devices.
  • A unique article of original content announcing the partnership with links directing traffic to the dealer’s website.
  • Assistance in other marketing efforts based upon the dealer’s needs.

If you are interested in this unique opportunity please send your inquiry to our sales support staff at so we can start building a long-lasting, profitable relationship today!

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