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Best Fleet Tracker GPS With No Monthly Fees


GPS Fleet Management Improve Operations

One of the most popular ways businesses have been improving operations and profit is by utilizing GPS tracking devices for fleet management programs. People unfamiliar with the term “fleet management” can think of the phrase as a method of improving customer service, fuel efficiency, employee accountability, and job costing, all while improving overall operations and efficiency over an inconsistent and unpredictable world, assuming a proper fleet management plan is in place. The driving force behind the fleet management programs that have taken the business world by storm is GPS systems that provide navigational and GPS tracking capabilities. However, some of the costs associated with data plans are pushing many small businesses to research the best fleet tracker solutions with no monthly fees.

At first glance, it seems like every company would want to adopt a fleet management program, especially if it had the ability to provide so many advantages for a business. However, every day some businesses have no way to route vehicles in the field, monitor employee driving patterns and more. GPS tracking devices and navigational GPS systems are providing the solution to moonlighting employees, false time-sheets, routing problems, vehicle maintenance issues and more. GPS systems allow a business to not only stay in constant communication and contact with vehicles operating outside in the natural environment, but the GPS devices also allow business owners an easy method of monitoring employee performance.  The best fleet tracker with no monthly fees most called upon for fleet management over the past decade has been the Driving Activity Reporter.

Driving Activity ReporterWhat makes the Driving Activity Reporter the perfect fleet tool is that the tracking system is economical, portable and easy to use. Inquisitive and skeptical shoppers should also be comforted knowing that the Driving Activity Reporter has been the best selling GPS data logger on the market over the past 10 years, assisting small businesses throughout the country. In fact, the Driving Activity Reporter is so accurate and respected the recorded data from the tracking system has even been admitted into numerous judicial courtrooms as reliable evidence.

Many people hold a false conception that GPS tracking systems are difficult to use. They think that the GPS fleet tracking devices are sophisticated surveillance/spy gear that only private investigators or tech-geeks can operate. Although the Driving Activity Reporter is sophisticated and high-tech in its ability to monitor and record information, the GPS tracker was designed to give user’s a simple way to access historical data.

User’s of this fleet tracker need only to place the little tracking system onto the vehicle they wish to monitor, remove the Driving Activity Reporter from the vehicle when they want to view historical driving information, and plug the device into a personal computer by the USB port to begin the viewing process. The process is easy and simple.

The average live GPS tracker can cost around $300.00-$400.00, making the average GPS fleet tracker a little pricey for some businesses. Another thing that makes the Driving Activity so remarkable is that with everything the tracking system can do, recording stops made, speeds that are driven, addresses and more, the tracking system has a reasonable cost of only $169.00. But the best part is there are no monthly service fees required for the device!

Benefits of Fleet Management Software

Real-time tracking system devices are the key to having a successful fleet management program. Real-time GPS trackers allow a business owner or supervisor to pinpoint where an employee is in the field at any time. The GPS systems even allow the person monitoring the GPS tracking data to access historical records of routes driven, mileage driven, speeds driven and more, creating an avenue to audit performance and accountability.

With the cost of doing business continuing to increase businesses cannot afford to have wasteful internal spending habits. Thankfully, GPS fleet management programs are providing the solution.

GPS Tracking Assists Minnesota Transit Authority

The prevalence of technology in today’s world makes our lives more convenient and certainly more productive than any generation before us.  The marvel of our age is the way that technology is being implemented not just in science laboratories or in space but right within the boundaries of the average person’s day-to-day life.

Everything from cell phones to GPS systems makes our lives more comfortable.  We interact with technology in some of the most mundane things of life.  One example of this fact is the recent improvisations of the Minnesota Valley Transit Authority to implement GPS tracking systems on their buses to provide patrons with more information concerning the availability of bus stops and also to provide real time data that would allow patrons to predict the bus schedule to an amazing degree of accuracy.

The Star Tribune of Minneapolis reported Thursday that the Minnesota Transit Authority recently launched the RouteShout program.  Using GPS tracking technology, the program is cost-free and provides users with information concerning the location of the nearest bus stop as well as a schedule of the buses for the next two hours.  The program delivers the data to the user’s smartphone or cell phone.  The Transit Authority hopes to be able to provide up-to-the-minute information within a short period of time.  Currently, the program is only able to provide approximate schedules for each bus.  The program also includes a website that allows users to receive the same kind of information from their laptop computer or from the comforts of their own home.

GPS tracking systems function by mounting a GPS fleet tracker to the object to be tracked.  In this case, a bus is being tracked.  The GPS tracker is tracked by satellites, and at any point, the satellite can pinpoint the tracker and information concerning its exact whereabouts is available through the satellite.  GPS fleet tracking system users can access this information from satellites using browser-based software on their personal computers.

In addition to providing directional and location information, the system is also able to deliver detailed photographic data concerning the location of the GPS tracker.  Technology is invading our lives and in many instances, it is bringing with it innovation and convenience which benefits its user.  Creativity and continuing technological advancements will continue to provide us with even greater possibilities.