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Best GPS For Tow Trucks

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Best GPS For Tow Truck Drivers

When a motorist is placed in the unfortunate situation where their automobile runs into mechanical failure one of the first phone calls placed is to a tow truck company. Tow truck companies are often the savior for stranded motorists in need of a lift home, but in order to assist those in need, tow truck companies need to be operating at a very high level of efficiency. One particular security device that is helping tow truck companies reach that optimum level of efficiency is the Sync vehicle tracking device, a real-time device that connects directly into the OBD2 port of any tow truck.

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Truck GPS Tracker

Widely described as one of the best GPS units for tow trucks, the Sync tracker provides live locational information, unlimited access to historical driving data, and a number of features designed for the total evaluation of tow truck activity. These automotive monitoring features include things such as the length of time a driver leaves a tow truck engine idling, how fast drivers are traveling throughout the day and whether drivers are riding the brakes of the tow truck. With this information tow truck businesses are able to understand if drivers are over-using fuel, wasting time while on the clock or simply not being as efficient as they should.

Real Time Tow Truck GPS Tracker

Plug & Play GPS Tracker

Most tow truck operations are small businesses running on fairly thin margins. With every dollar counting and customer service always being at the forefront, tow truck companies have to take advantage of every tool available to reduce overhead costs while helping stranded motorists in the shortest amount of time possible. When asked about the role real-time GPS trackers play in their tow truck business, a representative for California Towing stated, “GPS tracking devices are critical in helping us quickly route our tow truck drivers to motorists broke down, better manage fuel consumption and most importantly provide the highest level of response time possible. The reason our towing business made the decision to invest in the Plug & Play GPS tracker was because the tracker device easily plugged into the diagnostics computer so the unit did not need professional installation, and of course the tow truck GPS tracking unit was highly rated on a number of independent review websites.”

Tow truck companies have many of the same logistics and monitoring needs of taxicab operations, public bus systems, and limo services (companies that are routinely involved in fleet oversight). GPS monitoring systems are continuing to meet the needs of all these service-related businesses, but it is the Plug & Play GPS tracker that continues to receive praise from tow truck companies when it comes to tracking their service trucks. This is why it is rated as one of the best GPS trackers on the market for monitoring tow trucks.

Live GPS For Tow Truck Companies

Turning a profit can be a challenge during tough economic times, but that has not stopped businesses everywhere from doing everything possible to stay afloat. One recipe that has proven to be effective throughout time to help businesses obtain or sustain success has been valuable customer care combined with efficient delivery of services. Although quality customer service sounds like something that would be simple to offer or maintain, some tow truck companies have had difficulties staying networked and connected with drivers working in the field. One of the ways tow truck companies are improving service and reducing assistance times is through the use of GPS fleet management solutions.

Tow Truck Real-Time GPS

How real-time GPS assists tow truck companies are through the total observation of driving activity via web-based mapping programs. The GPS tracking data transmitted from the monitoring devices on-board tow trucks allows fleet managers and supervisors stationed elsewhere to know the exact position a tow truck driver is at in the field, how long they make each stop for, and more. This GPS vehicle tracking data is helpful because it can offer a variety of beneficial information for tow truck businesses that include:

  • The Speed A Tow Truck Driver Travels (valuable data that can show if a driver is excessively speeding, or driving dangerously).
  • ShareSpot (A simple way to share GPS locational/tracking data that allows stranded motorists to know the exact location of the tow truck en route to provide assistance).
  • Real-Time Access To Driving Activity (Live access to mobile assets results in the quick and safe recovery of tow trucks in the circumstance of auto-theft, as well as offers fleet managers easy access to the precise spot a tow truck driver is located at any given time).

Another one the wonderful features that live GPS systems  bestow upon tow truck companies abs other users of the technology is the ability to access data remotely from any location. Although remote access of GPS monitoring device data is common in real-time systems, the complete web-based mapping application that allows tow truck companies access to personal GPS tracking data from any form of computer, personal tablet, or mobile communication device that is hooked up to the Internet. This means the tow truck company is not handcuffed to software downloaded upon one computer system in order to view GPS data but instead can view personal tracking data from essentially any outlet they prefer!

Fleet Management Tow Trucks

Routing, Dispatching, Accountability & Security

For those who own tow truck companies, keeping track of a fleet of vehicles or equipment can be challenging.  Customers need accurate arrival times, and tow managers need to have an idea where tow trucks will end up. Although taking the word of a tow truck driver is one method of oversight, think about how much better management would feel if they had access to exactly where all tow trucks had been and how long they were at each service call? At any point in time, they could have access to real time information about where the tow truck is, how it is being used, and how fast it is traveling.

GPS vehicle tracking devices can make these dreams a reality for rental companies.  GPS trackers fall into two categories – Live and Passive. Live GPS tracking systems, units such as the Victoria tracker, employ a transmitter that is positioned inside the vehicle to be tracked. The transmitter is tracked by satellite and uploads information about its position and movement to a satellite. Using a web browser-based program on the company’s computer, they can access that uploaded information and find out in real time the whereabouts of the vehicle. GPS data loggers utilize a GPS receiver that stores information about positioning and movement during a specified time. The receiver is then recovered and the information is available for upload to a computer for review.

Many vehicle tracking systems can be installed in vehicles without much or little installation, such as splicing wires.  Some are plug-and-play devices that are powered by the DC power outlet or OBD. Beyond just tracking travel activity, vehicle tracking devices can provide quick recovery of a stolen vehicle. It can also be utilized to understand how the service vehicles are being used so that rental companies can improve usage and cut operating costs. The benefits of vehicle tracking are certainly attractive.

GPS technology is continuing to assist tow truck companies with all of their business GPS tracking needs, and will continue to do so in an effort to provide a totally networked vehicle management system for those cutting-edge companies who want to take their businesses to the next level of operation efficiency!