Best GPS Tracking App For iPhones

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Best GPS Tracking App For Car

iphone_silvercloud_map2More and more people are shifting away from the use of personal computers and are instead using their mobile communication devices and smart phones to conduct business. This is because cell phones have become so advanced that they can easily meet the computing needs of most people. One byproduct of the advancement of smart phones has been the boom in mobile apps.  Whether they are free or require a fee for download, every smart phone user now has numerous apps saved to their smart phone. One particular type of app that many businesses and consumers have been downloading is an app that uses GPS tracking to record historical travel activity, as well as offer real-time tracking and locational updates. The only problem is that many of these GPS monitoring or tracking apps are inaccurate and unreliable, failing to meet the needs of user. However, one tracking app designed by a company headquartered in the mid west is providing pinpoint accurate positional data in real-time that is showcased in a very easy to use mobile format.

Best Phone Tracker App Free

The SilverCloud mobility captured mobile app available for free download on iTunes provides a portal for any mobile user to get instant access to their personal GPS monitoring data. Most importantly, the app is simple to use, utilizes real GPS satellite information (unlike many free GPS tracking apps that use cellular triangulation) and gives any user the ability to locate assets or personnel. All the user needs in order to utilize the tracker device app is SilverCloud GPS hardware placed on a target vehicle. With the GPS tracker on the automobile, users can then have total remote access to real-time monitoring and past tracking information with their mobile phone. Other features of the iPhone GPS tracking app include:

  • Live Updates Of Vehicle Location
  • Real Time & Historical Data Of Vehicle Speed
  • Ability To Set Speed Alerts 

How Accurate Is GPS On Smartphones

GPS tracking apps that only use cellular triangulation are highly inaccurate, and most provide no detailed reporting, travels logs or instant alerts. Basically, they are of little to no value for anyone needing precise and detailed historical driving data. This is why it is beneficial to invest in a the best car GPS tracking devices that provide real time updates, and easy viewing access via smart phone. SilverCloud real time GPS offers this by giving users a vast amount of driving reports and alerting features all of which can be viewed from any mobile phone.

Those in search of a real-time monitoring app that is reliable, detailed and free will find that the Silver Cloud GPS app goes above and beyond what most other mobile tracking and personal location apps offer.