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Best GPS Tracking System 2010


2010 Award Winner For “Best GPS Tracker”

GPS Tracking Key Pro

Toward the start of the fourth quarter, Tracking System Direct sends out emails and other material to businesses, consumers and law enforcement agencies on our growing mail list. The purpose of the communication is to get customer feedback on what GPS car tracking unit they purchased and insight on personal experience with that tracking system. Clearly, every individual uses GPS monitoring technology for their own personal application and therefore will have a different experience with that device. Looking to discover what tracking unit is viewed as the top-performing GPS monitoring among all users, Tracking System Direct asks GPS enthusiasts questions about their feelings when using a particular device, accuracy of the device, confidence in the system and more. After evaluating responses and tallying up reviews, Tracking System Direct is proud to announce that the 2010 winner for “Best GPS Tracker” is the passive GPS data logger known as GPS Tracking Key Pro!

Anyone looking to learn more about the car tracker can view complete product descriptions on our website (which you are currently on) under the tab labeled “tracking systems”. If at any time potential customers or GPS enthusiasts have additional questions about the Pro, or any other vehicle tracking equipment offered on Tracking System Direct, please feel free to contact us. GPS experts are available and standing by 7 days a week.