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GPS tracker for motorcycle

Have you ever wondered how many motorcycles get stolen each year? The answer is rather shocking according to the statistics that showed in 2016 that nearly 50,000 motorcycles were stolen. That is basically a motorcycle being stolen approximately every 10 minutes in the United States, and in many countries those numbers are even worse. But how do you stop motorcycle theft? For any person who has ever said to themselves, “How do I keep my motorcycle secure?” the answer comes in the use of GPS tracking systems. Specifically, a motorcycle GPS tracker used for bike security.


People might not be aware but when a car gets stolen that vehicle is recovered around 60% of the time, which is a pretty decent recovery rate. But what percent of stolen motorcycles are recovered? That number is roughly 30%, making motorcycle anti-theft security a top priority. This is the reason motorcycle owners are now using real time GPS trackers to boost motorcycle security. This is because when a real time GPS tracker is equipped to a motorcycle the owner of that bike can track a motorcycle from a cell phone or desktop computer 24/7. In fact, live GPS trackers even have a feature known as geo-fencing that can literally send out an email or text message the moment a motorcycle is moved. Can someone steal a motorcycle even when it is equipped with a GPS tracking system? Absolutely. But the moment the motorcycle is stolen the owner of that bike can be alerted, and the likelihood of a safe recovery of the stolen motorcycle goes up substantially.

Here is a list of the most frequently stolen motorcycles. Anyone who owning one of these brands of bikes should consider investing in a motorcycle GPS tracker:

  • Honda
  • Yamaha
  • Suzuki
  • Kawasaki
  • Harley Davidson

Real time GPS monitoring systems are the best motorcycle GPS trackers available at this time, but people investing in the  anti-theft solutions should be aware that the devices do require a monthly subscription fee. Motorcycle GPS tracker cost is about $119.00 fr the hardware and $24.95 a month for data.

What Is The Best Smallest GPS

Motorcycle GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

Unlike live GPS trackers for cars, the best motorcycle GPS tracker needs to be very small in size and able to be placed securely on the outside of the bike. Currently, there are a number of really great real time GPS waterproof case and tracker combo solutions that can magnetically attach to a bike, as well as personal trackers that can be hidden somewhere on the bike in less obvious places. Both options are small in size making them ideal for covert placement. The devices even have substantial internal lithium-ion power sources that can provide upwards of 60 hours of continuous tracking for anyone asking, “How long does a GPS tracker battery last?”.

One of the more popular questions people interested in motorcycle security ask is if there is a motorcycle GPS tracker no monthly fee. The answer is there are GPS data loggers which can record everywhere a motorcycle goes, mileage and more, but since the devices do not transmit data they are worthless when it comes to anti-theft security. GPS data loggers have no monthly fees but they are engineered to record travel activity not provide security.

How To Install Motorcycle GPS Tracker

GPS Data Logger: No monthly fee motorcycle GPS trackers are waterproof solutions that are designed with magnet mounts. They can be attached using magnet, but again they do not provide anti-theft protection.

Real Time GPS Tracker: Live GPS tracking systems are the recommended solution for any rider seeking the best motorcycle GPS tracker because the devices can be placed on the outside of a motor bike, or hidden on the motorcycle.

No installation is necessarily required for either solutions.

Motorcycle GPS Tracking Device

Motorcycle GPS Tracking RouteEvery year across America motorcyclists will throw on their leather jackets and hit the open road for charity. Some riders will get on their bikes and travel for organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project, or other charities that support Autism awareness, cancer research or heart disease prevention. Raising money for charitable organizations is always a noble cause and riding a motorcycle to contribute to that effort is something many motorcycle riders enjoy being a part of. In fact, many of these charitable campaigns are not only using automotive technology to get from point A to point B but also social media. Facebook, twitter and microblogs are spreading the word about these motorcycle rides for good and helping them better connect with their audience with the help of GPS vehicle tracker systems.


GPS Tracking Systems Go Social

Social networking is now commonplace in the United States and with over one billion active Facebook users in the US and Canada alone it is likely to going to be one of the ways people connect with one another moving forward (Facebook has over one billion users worldwide). Whether the choice is Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or any of the other trendy social networks there is no denying that people are actively calling upon digital devices and mobile technology to connect with one another and this is where GPS tracking can play a unique role. See when a GPS device is connected to a person, automobile or asset it has the ability to provide real-time updates on the locations of those items. This real-time tracking data is not only accurate and beneficial for a number of different applications such as teen safety, senior care and vehicle management, but it can also provide a way for charity motorcycle runs to expand their reach and connection.

Motorcycle Rides For Charity

When a motorcycle rider opts to put a GPS vehicle tracker system on their bike they have the ability to not only locate that vehicle 24/7 but also the ability to share that tracking data. This combination is actually quite significant because with the use of a motorcycle GPS system the motorcycle rider can not only protect their property from theft but share their travels on social networks to enhance awareness for their cause. “Motorcycle riders and charities that involve lengthy motorcycle rides frequently contact us regarding real-time monitoring solutions and they are always pleased to hear that we have a system in place that allows them to share tracking data with the simple copy and paste of some HTML code”, explained a sales associate for Tracking System Direct. “With this easy to generate HTML code the charity can post on their website, blog or social networking channels where motorcycle riders are located. Real-time GPS technology is a really cool way to engage the audience and tool to maximize viewership.”

Real Time GPS Tracker For Motorcycle

The majority of motorcycle charity events last anywhere from a day or upwards of a week. That means the motorcycle riders or event organizers usually seek live GPS systems that are both portable and that do not require any lengthy subscription fees (real-time GPS devices send data and therefore require a monthly service obligation and occasionally an annual contract). This is the reason one of the most popular live trackers is a device called Tag. What makes Tag the GPS tracker called upon is that the device is small (roughly the size of a pack of chewing gum), affordable ($199.00) and does not require any annual commitments for real-time service. All the motorcycle rider would have to pay is the hardware cost and the monthly fees for data which run as low as $1 a day.

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