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SilverCloudWith the expansion in GSM and CDMA technologies, GPS tracking devices have become more efficient, reliable and effective through a combination of both cellular and GPS innovations. The combination results in GPS receivers, also referred to as passive units, having the ability to record a wealth of data and then relay that information to where it is accessible to the user view Internet. This data can be reviewed by mobile phone or home/office computer. When a GPS receiver has these capabilities it is known as a live monitoring unit, and no live GPS tracking system solution has been more effective and reliable than the SilverCloud GPS. This is why the vehicle tracking experts at Tracking System Direct (TSD) have decided to slowly phase out the Victoria tracking solution.

At first glance, the SilverCloud does not really look like anything that would blow someone’s socks off, but the device was considered one of the premier live tracking solutions for quite some time. The unit could document a vast amount of driving activity that includes speeds driven, addresses arrived/departed, and the tracker could send speed alerts along with other popular alert features; but so can a lot of other tracking units now. Also, one of the main draw backs of the device was that the unit did not have a rugged and durable casing to give it water-resistant capabilities.

SilverCloud took the best features offered by the Victoria, unlimited update rate(s), faster mapping uploads, numerous alerting features, in-depth reporting documentation and more, offered the service without contract or termination fee and added even more, making the new GPS truly the most dynamic on the market.

Another great thing about the SilverCloud is that the unit has an in-depth support network. If the user ever has a technical support question related to the unit they can contact a trained and AMERICAN support staff that will listen to the user’s questions and provide real answers, unlike other competitors such as Zoombak, which uses international call centers where the support has prescript answers they read from in foreign accents. SilverCloud is supported so well that if a user ever needed real in-depth help, technical service agents could remote access the user’s computer and resolve any issues on the spot. No call backs, no emails, but rather real solutions in real-time.

With a network of support and its ability to perform beyond the competition, it is easy to see why the SilverCloud GPS is the flagship among a sea of live tracking solutions.

The Competition’s Shortcomings

Zoombak offers a unit that requires a customer to sign up for a two-year contract. If that contract is terminated early, the customer will have to pay a very expensive termination fee. However, SilverCloud tracker users can rest assured that when they are done needing the use of their GPS tracking service that they can cal the activations department and have service cancelled immediately. If the user wants to reactive the tracking system later down the road they can do so without any hassles.

No termination fees or contracts are something everybody could say yes too.

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There are a number of reasons why TSD made the decision to move forward with the SilverCloud as the primary and exclusive live tracking solution for the TSD company website. However, the best answer to the question of why did the company make the switch is simple: Customers demand the best GPS surveillance devices the industry has to offer, and the SilverCloud GPS Tracker became the best device the industry had to offer.