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Why are people so fascinated with spies? The reason is that spies get to sneak around, their identities are clouded in mystery, and of course, they get to play with spy gadgets. What could be more fun? Like mystery novels, mathematical riddles and crossword puzzles, spy work involves mental exercise. And people love a mental challenge. There is a great feeling of individual accomplishment when one is able to fill in the blank, find the missing piece, uncover the deception, or catch the bad guy. This same type of sleuth gear is also helping husbands and wives track a cheating spouse. If you are concerned your spouse might be cheating, below is some information regarding the best surveillance devices to catch a cheater!

More often than not, interest in spy gadgets begins in childhood and carries over into adulthood. As a person concerned about a cheating spouse, the Internet provides many e-commerce stores that offer the latest and greatest surveillance solutions. In the past, vendors might advertise X-Ray glasses (as they did on bubblegum wrappers in the 1950s), but check out these modern spy gadgets that can be helpful for busting a cheater.

  • A pair of plastic-framed sunglasses that lets a spouse see what’s going on behind him (no explanation if such a spy gadget impedes forward mobility.)
  • A spy gadget that attaches to a cell phone, to change the caller’s voice to something completely different, including a duck and a robot.
  • A portable listening device is a spy gadget that looks like a sound dish. Spouses attach it to an earbud, carry the spy gadget around in hand or set it on a level surface and they are supposed to be able to pick up conversations from another part of the room or the home.

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Cheaters Spy Equipment

  1. Break-beam laser tripwire system, much like the spy gadget seen in the movie “Mission Impossible.”
  2. Keystroke loggers to record computer activity
  3. Pinhole-size digital camera built into a working alarm clock.
  4. Digital voice recorder in a man’s wristwatch.
  5. Night vision goggles. Computer keystroke loggers. Cell phone SIM card readers.
  6. Battery-operated amplifier that picks up whispers from up to 100 yards away.
  7. GPS tracking system that can record every location a person travels.

There are spy gadgets galore being sold, of professional quality and seemingly only limited by someone’s budget. Users of high-tech spy gadgets might have been nosy little brothers at one time, but today they are usually professionals, parents and everyday individuals protecting their families, businesses, interests or investments.

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