Busting The Cheat

GPS Tracking Or Camera Surveillance?


Turn on almost any television talk show or programming on MTV and it is easy to see what is being advertised and marketed, sex. Everybody knows that sex sells, but sometimes marketing sex can have unintended consequences. These consequences can include people thinking that they can acquire a more funny, attractive or all around better partner or spouse. Once that thought process begins to take shape it is often not long before some people in committed relationships begin cheating. Although cheating occurs every single day, more and more cheaters are getting busted thanks in large part to the advances in consumer electronics designed for monitoring. The only question is which popular monitoring devices, GPS car trackers or hidden camera systems, are the best for busting the cheat?

Let me first state that although there are a lot of outside forces that can lead people to believe that cheating on a partner may be a good idea, at the end of the day the responsibility of a person’s actions fall upon the individual. There are a lot of family issues and stresses in life that can make people want to cheat, but that does not mean you get a free pass. If you cheat on someone it is because you made the decision to cheat. Now lets move on!

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking systems have been the go-to weapon of choice to bust cheaters over the past decade because of the low cost and ease of use of spouse tracking devices. The reason why so many people select vehicle tracking technology to monitor spouses is because of the following:

  1. GPS Car Tracking Records Every Stop A Spouse Made, Documenting Addresses
  2. Many Cheaters Cheat Away From Home, Making A Car Tracker Ideal
  3. Car Tracker Systems Are Easy To Use
  4. GPS Vehicle Trackers Are Less Expensive Than Hiring A Private Investigator

There are a lot of signs of cheating that people need to first evaluate before investing in a device designed for catching a cheater such as the GPS Tracking Key, but still to this day GPS vehicle trackers are widely considered the best technological devices to bust a cheat.

Hidden Camera Systems For The Home

GPS auto monitoring systems are great tools to bust people cheating on their spouse away from the home, but if cheating is happening inside of the home then the best solution is a home camera system. The great thing about home spy camera systems is that they can easily be placed in any room, and the video monitoring systems are now built to resemble anything from a stuffed dog toy to a functional alarm clock. What the micro DVR systems will then do is capture any activity occurring in the home while you are away. If your spouse or partner is bringing home some unwanted company it will be easy to bust them. Not to mention, video evidence does not lie so the cheater will have no excuses.

Another great home surveillance tool that many people use to catch cheaters is keystroke logger technology. Keystroke loggers will reveal all the potential racy emails or Facebook posts your partner or spouse is leaving while online.

Busting The Cheater

GPS auto tracker systems and home cameras can both be utilized with success to bust a cheater, but whatever technology or route you choose to bust a potential cheater make certain you do not violate any laws when doing so. Cheating is not right, but either is violating someone’s rights, so make sure you get the correct information regarding local laws before investing in either tracking systems, cameras or keystroke loggers.