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GPS Tracking The Alpha Male Of A Wolf Pack

Oregon Biologists Hope To Learn More About Wolves

Protecting endangered animals is all part of the job description for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW). The federal agency takes multiple actions and precautions to protecting and securing the existence of wildlife and habitat in some of the most pristine environments inside of the state. What has brought attention to the agency recently is their use of GPS tracking collars that are being used to monitor the movements of an alpha male wolf in one of the only two known wolf packs existing in Oregon today.

GPS systems are becoming a more common tool among biologists to record animal movements, and that is why the ODFW are utilizing tracking system technology in their efforts to protect the nearly extinct wolf population in Oregon. What the ODFW has done so is placed a GPS tracker inside a collar on the alpha wolf of a pack known to roam a particular area in Oregon. The biologists reviewing the GPS tracking data will then plot and monitor the information to gather knowledge about the animal’s movements and habits throughout the year.

The team of researchers were ecstatic when they sedated the alpha wolf and discovered the animal was in perfect health before they placed the GPS tracking system onto the wolf. Hopefully, the information gathered from the GPS system will teach the ODFW and other researchers more about the remainder of wolves roaming throughout the Oregon forests.

Source: Wildlife Division