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Voice recording technology can be conducted with simplicity and precision with the Bionic Ear Audio Recorder, a device specifically designed for capturing audio data from far distances. Perfect for professionals on stakeouts who require a high-tech audio recording solution, the Bionic Ear Audio Recorder will amplify sounds from approximately 100 yards away. This audio recording system features a jack designed specifically to record real-time voice data over a football field’s distance away, amplifying the faintest of sounds. Simply point the included 12” parabolic dish toward where you want to hear activity and begin recording audio data!

Bionic Ear Audio Recorder Specifications & Technical Info:

  • Sound Range: 100 Meters
  • Battery Life: Approximately 40 Hours
  • Power Source/Supply: 9 Volt Battery
  • Sound Amplification: Increase By 40dB
  • -46dB Microphone Sensitivity
  • Response Frequency: 100-10KHz
  • Output Jack Records Audio
  • Gain Amp Cut Off: 90dB

Why The Bionic Ear Audio Recorder Is For You

What makes the Bionic Ear Audio Recorder special is that the audio recording system can amplify audio and voice data from distances much further than any other sound recorder on the market. However, this voice-recording device is not only intended for security professionals, but for anyone with a need to gather audio data remotely. This includes private investigators, outdoor enthusiasts or anyone suspecting foul play at home or the workplace. The Bionic Ear Audio Recorder is also is popular among nature enthusiasts who want to view and listen to animals in their natural habitat without causing a disturbance.

Product Includes:

  • 12″ Parabolic Dish
  • Bionic ear Users Manual & Instruction Guide
  • Receptor Head Phone Set