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Personal GPS Safety Articles

GPS Tracker For Sheep

Farming’s New Frontier: How The GPS Tracker For Sheep Is Redefining Livestock Management Imagine you’re in a field, miles away from your livestock, yet you know exactly where each of your sheep are. Sounds impossible? Not anymore. With GPS tracker for sheep, the impossible becomes possible. Imagine the convenience of tracking and monitoring your flock […]

Dog GPS Tracker

5 Best Dog GPS Trackers 2023 – Approved By Vets & Pet Owners! As a devoted dog owner, you know the joy of sharing life’s adventures with your four-legged companion. But what happens when your  gets a bit too adventurous? Enter GPS dog trackers, your best friend’s best friend. These smart collars offer real-time tracking, […]

Sea Turtle GPS Tracking

Turtle GPS Tracker: The Role of Mini GPS Tracking In Sea Turtle Research Ever wondered how marine turtles navigate the vast, crystal blue oceans? Welcome to the captivating world of animal tracking using satellite telemetry. Yes, sea turtle GPS tracking devices designed to help researchers closely observe these majestic animals. This technology reveals vital tracking […]

GPS Tracking Sex Offenders

GPS Tracking Sex Offenders: A Technological Approach To Community Safety Are you concerned about the presence of registered sex offenders in your neighborhood? You’re not alone. This worry is shared by countless others, seeking to ensure the safety of their loved ones and community. The good news is, technology offers a robust solution to ease […]

Can GPS Tracking Be Wrong

Can GPS Be Wrong – Exploring Factors that Affect GPS Accuracy and Ways to Improve it Are you wondering if your GPS tracker is always accurate? GPS technology is everywhere today, from portable GPS trackers to vehicle tracking systems. It works by using signals from GPS satellites to determine your position on the earth. But […]

GPS Tracker For Long Distance

Best GPS Tracking Device For International Travel As you embark on exciting adventures abroad, navigating unfamiliar territories and ensuring the safety of your belongings are crucial aspects of your journey. A GPS tracker that works internationally can be your perfect companion in this regard, providing a seamless travel experience. In this article, you’ll discover the […]

Elephant Tracking

How GPS Tracking Is Protecting Endangered Elephants From Poaching Elephants are one of the most majestic creatures on earth. But did you know they face numerous threats including habitat loss, climate change, and illegal poaching? Yup! Sadly, the illegal poaching of elephants for their ivory tusks has become a growing concern, with populations declining at an […]

Tracking Geese Migration With GPS

Tracking Geese Migration With GPS Technology: Insights, Case Studies, and Conservation Efforts Have you ever wondered how geese navigate their extraordinary migratory routes? What secrets lie behind their ability to traverse vast distances with remarkable precision? With GPS technology, we can now unlock the mysteries of geese migration, shedding light on their complex behaviors and […]

Bear Tracker

GPS Tracking For Bears Bears play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance, making their conservation and study a top priority. By tracking these magnificent creatures using advanced bear tracker GPS technology, scientists and conservationists can gain unprecedented insights into their habits and behavior. In this article, we will explore the use of GPS collars […]

Spy Shop Near Boise Idaho

Spy Store Near Boise, ID Best GPS Vehicle Tracker 2023 GET PRICING! Stop A Teen From Dangerous Driving Discover If A Spouse Is Lying Find Out What Employees Are Doing Hidden GPS trackers allow you to be your own private investigator at a fraction of the cost. For less than $100, you can bust a […]

Homemade GPS Jammer

How To Make A Homemade GPS Jammer If you’re concerned about being tracked by a GPS device or want to protect your privacy, you might be interested in building your own GPS jammer. Jammers are devices that emit radio signals on the same frequency band as GPS satellites, thereby disrupting the GPS signals and rendering […]

Would GPS Work In An Apocalypse

Would GPS Work In An Apocalypse – Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse The world is facing a zombie apocalypse, and the future looks bleak. But wait, there might be some hope left for humanity. Thanks to the GPS tracking system, we might just be able to fight back and survive this outbreak. In this article, we […]

GPS Tracking Endangered Species And Wildlife

How GPS Tracking Is Helping Protect Endangered Wildlife GPS tracking technology is transforming the way we monitor wildlife and protect endangered species. By attaching GPS devices to animals, researchers can gather data on their behavior, movements, and habitat. In fact, this technology allows scientists to track animals in real-time, providing a wealth of valuable information […]

GPS Tags For Marine Animals

How Scientists Use GPS Tags For Tracking Marine Animals If you have ever wondered how scientists are able to study marine animals in their natural habitats, the answer is through the use of tracking devices. Animals tracking has become increasingly important for marine biology and ecology researchers in recent years. Satellite tagging and satellite tracking […]

Spy Camera Detector

7 Best Spy Camera Detectors – Find Out Who Is Spying On You! Did you know that even with tens of thousands of guest complaints about the policy, Airbnb still allows people to install hidden cameras in their rental properties? Pretty shocking right?! There is nothing creepier than an Airbnb host secretly watching you and […]

What Should You Not Do While Hiking?

What Are The Do’s And Don’ts Of Hiking? So you are thinking about hitting the trails for some relaxation and exercise. Great! We are glad to have you! We hope this new hobby gets you to explore the outdoors more and see the true benefits of hiking and camping. But before you go to REI […]

GPS Tracker Bracelets Prisoners

GPS Trackers For Prisoners – Benefits & Drawbacks Of Electronic Surveillance  Did you know that the Global Positioning System (GPS) has a large presence in the American prison system? Yes! In fact, in more than half of the states in the U.S., active GPS tracking devices are used to keep tabs on criminals. The programs […]

Voice Recorders For Journalists

5 Best Voice Recorders For Journalists Keeping detailed notes is critical for any journalist or investigative reporter, but the days of the pen and notepad are a thing of the past thanks to high-quality audio recorders for lectures, interviews, and personal notes. Voice recorders have a large recording capacity, are voice-activated, have noise reduction features, […]

Are Recordings Admissible In Court?

Can Recorded Audio Be Used As Evidence? Ask any married couple and they will tell you fights happen, times can be tough, and false accusations will be made. But what happens when things get really nasty and you believe start to believe your spouse is cheating? What if you use an audio recording device to hear what […]

My Neighbor Is Recording Us

What Can I Do If My Neighbor Is Recording Me – What You Need To Know There is nothing worse than if you feel uncomfortable on your own property, but that is exactly what can happen if a neighbor’s security camera is pointed at your property. Installing security equipment for a security purpose is legal, […]

12 Best Android GPS Tracking Apps

12 Best Android GPS Tracking Apps 2023 Did you know that mobile phones have the capability to track someone’s location in real-time? With the advancements in GPS technology, mobile app developers have created a range of solutions that utilize GPS to track various aspects of our lives. Whether you want to track your kid’s location, […]

Can You Sue Someone For Breaking Your Phone

Can You Sue Someone For Breaking Your Phone – Legal Facts For Breaking Someone’s Phone When someone intentionally damages your phone, it can be a frustrating and costly experience. But can you take legal action against them? The answer is yes, you can sue someone for breaking your phone. Deliberate destruction of someone else’s property, […]

Geofencing GPS

Geofencing GPS Trackers – Zone Alerts Explained So what exactly is geofencing, and why are so many companies utilizing real-time, location-based technology for asset tracking? Let’s start with the basics of how virtual fences are used alongside tracking software, tracking apps, and some simple definitions! Geofencing is a tracking technology that allows you to set […]

GPS Tracker For Goats

Exploring Goat Behavior with GPS Tracker for Goats: Unveiling Insights Into Movements and Habitat Have you ever wondered how GPS technology is helping researchers study goats? You’re not alone! Through the use of GPS trackers for goats, scientists can now uncover the secrets of their behavior. And more importantly, goat interactions with the environment. By […]

Are GPS Trackers Legal In Florida?

GPS Tracking Laws In Florida – Are GPS Trackers Legal In FL? Are you concerned your employees might be slacking off while operating company-owned vehicles? Or maybe you want to track the location or movement of a person engaging (or potentially engaging) in a marital affair? If you have serious suspicions about someone it is […]

GPS Tracking For Wildlife

GPS Wildlife Tracking When it comes to tracking animal locations, wildlife conservation experts frequently use tracking collars and other tracking technology in combination with the global positioning system (GPS) to monitor animal movement. Let’s take a closer look at how these tracking and monitoring systems for wildlife conservation work. Let’s start with some of the […]

Dog GPS Tracker UK

Dog Collar GPS Tracker UK GPS pet trackers are one of the best ways for any dog lovers in the United Kingdom to monitor the location and activity of their furry friends. Dogs bring us so much joy that it only makes sense that safe and user-friendly technologies were developed to locate your pet if […]

Dog GPS Tracker Australia

Best Dog GPS Tracker Australia 2023 GPS dog tracking devices are changing the way animal lovers are keeping a pet safe. GPS tracking collars utilize 4G networks to allow you to constantly monitor your pets’ activity, allowing you to keep your furry friend safe at all times. But with so many different trackers in Australia, […]

10 Best Free Hiking Apps

Best Outdoor Apps 2022 Whether you chose to hike to relax or for exercise one thing is for certain: nothing makes you feel more connected to the universe than surrounding yourself in nature. In fact, studies have shown that those who spend time in nature feel more mindful and centered. If you are an avid […]

GPS Implant

Implanting GPS In Humans – Fact vs. Fiction Are microchips being implanted in humans? If you subscribe to online conspiracy theories it is only a matter of time before you come across the theory that global elites or government agencies are using GPS implants in humans to spy on their movements. Yes, it is a […]

How Do You Use GPS When Hiking?

What To Do If You Get Lost While Hiking – How To Use GPS On Your Next Adventure Mastering Your GPS While Hiking: A Guide to Staying Safe and Savvy on the Trails You’re lacing up your hiking boots, stuffing your backpacking pack with essentials, including a sleeping bag, water filters, and of course, your […]

What Is A GPS Tracker In Sport?

How Is GPS Tracking Used In Sport To Increase Performance – Examples & FAQs Athletes understand that the secret to success is nothing more than hard work, and doing everything possible to out-perform the competition. However, when it comes to the top athletes in a sport, having a good coach, workout program, diet, and workout […]

What Voice Recorder Is Best For Lectures?

Voice Recorder For Lectures – What Audio Recorder Is Best? We’ve all experienced those moments in high school or college when the teacher’s lecture seems to go right over our heads. Whether it’s due to ineffective explanations, fast-paced delivery, or simply boring content, it can be challenging to stay engaged and focused in class. However, […]

GPS Devices For Disaster Situations

How GPS Devices Are Helping During Disasters Amazon Best Seller  CLICK PHOTO FOR AMAZON PRICE!Sadly, natural disasters are a global issue that can not be avoided. Whether it be hurricanes flooding the Caribbean nations, earthquakes rattling Japan, or twisters destroying homes in the heartland, natural disasters can leave a devastating toll in terms of financial […]

GPS Trackers For Hikers

Hiking Safety Tips There are some people who simply do not get thrilled or entertained from watching reality television or trampoline accidents on YouTube. These are the type of people who seek an escape from electronic sources of entertainment and turn to more natural ways of having a good time. These people are known as […]

GPS Tracking Livestock

Track And Monitor Livestock – Case Studies In Farming GPS  What You Need To Know About Livestock GPS Tracking Devices CLICK PHOTO FOR AMAZON PRICE! Many people may be unaware that the farming industry has progressed and advanced over the past 20 years at a very high rate. New machinery and heavy equipment are now used […]

GPS Tracking Nuclear Scientists

Nuclear Power GPS Tracking Nuclear Scientists Outfitted With GPS Tracking Systems? There are very few individuals walking the globe whose intelligence can single handily have an effect on national security. If these people are ever captured or interrogated the information they hold could be in the wrong hands, causing an extremely problematic situation for not [...]

Tracking Chip Implant For Babies

GPS Implant Under The Skin For Babies Chip GPS For Humans CLICK PHOTO FOR AMAZON PRICE! Parents are always looking at the best ways to safeguard their children. This is why parents cap electrical outlets with plastic tabs, lock up cupboards and keep a constant watchful eye over their precious offspring. Parents love their children […]

GPS Tracking Systems Provide Runners Safety

GPS Tracking Devices Give Runners Personal Safety GPS Tracker For Running Safety If there is one group of people that are dedicated to their routine it is runners. Whether they tie up their athletic shoes to jog around the neighborhood, adventure on outdoor trails, or increase their heart rate in a metropolitan city environment, there […]

GPS Goggles For Snowboarding

Snow Goggles With GPS Tracking   Oakley Introduces Airwave 1.5 GPS Tracking Goggles Athletes worldwide are constantly pushing their boundaries, often aided by advancements in sports technology. From comprehensive training programs to simple heart rate monitors, technology enables athletes to track and enhance their performance. A company at the forefront of this intersection between sports […]

GPS Tracker For Signs

Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Real Estate Signs Top Selling GPS Tracker For Reducing Sign Theft Catch Sign Thieves In Real Time Ultra Small Size 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8 inches Waterproof Design With Magnet Mount Makes GPS Tracker Easily Hidden  Never Worry About Signs Being Stolen Again This portable real time GPS tracker is […]

GPS Tracking Zebras

GPS Tracking Zebras – Studying Wildlife Movements With GPS Scientists are beginning to better understand the socialization patterns and importance of interaction among zebra populations after GPS tracking system collars were used to monitor the movements of the black and white striped animals. Scientists are hoping that the GPS tracking data collected will help them discover […]

GPS Monitoring Koala Bears

GPS Tracking Data Show Koala Numbers In Decline Koala Bear GPS Tracking Australia has been one of the very few nations in the world that have kept unemployment low and the economy relatively strong in the midst of a global slowdown. The Aussie dollar continues to be strong against many other global currencies, and with […]

GPS Tracking Wolves

GPS Trackers For Wolves In the Alaskan Wilderness In the bitter cold of Alaska, scientists conduct studies on wildlife in their natural habitats. Meet Howard Golden, a wildlife biologist from the Alaskan Department of Fish and Game. With years of field research experience on wolves, Golden understands the frozen tundra region intimately. He emphasizes the […]

GPS Trackers For Scientists

GPS Trackers for Scientists: Revolutionizing the Study of Animal Movement GPS trackers for scientists have ushered in a new era of exploration, enabling researchers to delve into the intricate world of animal movement with unprecedented precision and depth. By affixing GPS trackers to individual animals, scientists can gather real-time data on their location, speed, and […]

GPS Tracking Laundry

Protect Clothes At Laundromat When Melissa Duffey went to a local laundromat to dry her clothing she had no idea what events were about to occur. Duffey was not a lower-income individual, but recently her dryer broke and was using a local laundromat to dry her clothes. It was a short-term solution until she researched […]

GPS Tracking Tornadoes

The Benefits Of GPS Tracking For Storm Chasing: Enhancing Safety And Data Collection Storm chasers, ranging from adventurous thrill-seekers to professional weather researchers, rely on GPS technology to improve their safety and accurately track severe weather events. Yup! By combining GPS with other weather monitoring equipment, such as video cameras and portable weather stations, storm […]

Backpacker uses GPS Tracking System

Rescued Backpacker Uses GPS Tracker Jamie Neale, a 19-year-old British backpacker who was lost in what is known as the “Australian Bush” outside the town of Blue Mountain for 12 days, has decided to make another adventure to the area where he became lost, but this time he will be taking a GPS tracking system. “I […]

GPS Tracking Sunfish

Sunfish GPS Tracking Gives Scientists New Information  Scientists have been able to track and record the movements of mola mola, more commonly known as a sunfish, for over 3 months with extraordinary accuracy thanks to GPS tracking system technology. The scientists, who snared 3 sunfish in a tuna net in the Atlantic Ocean near a coastal […]

GPS Panic Button

GPS Enabled Panic Button GPS monitoring devices have evolved to the point where simply tracking a person, vehicle or asset is almost one of the secondary features of tracker devices. This is because tracking systems can now provide aggressive driving reports, alert a user if a automobile leaves or enters a particular facility, send notification [...]

GPS Tracking Kangaroos

Advancements in GPS Monitoring: Unraveling the Secrets of Kangaroo Movement and Behavior Researchers from the Department of Territory and Municipal Services are at the halfway point of a two-year project monitoring the movements and activities of eastern grey kangaroos using GPS monitoring technology. The GPS trackers were attached to local male and female kangaroos as a […]

GPS Tracking Portable Bathrooms

GPS Tracker For Portable Toilet GPS asset tracking technology has infiltrated our daily lives on multiple different levels with the goal of theft prevention, asset monitoring, and numerous other applications. Tracking systems use GPS technology to record date, time, location, and other information or data that businesses and families can utilize to improve performance or […]

Problems With Dog GPS Trackers

Problems With Dog GPS Trackers – 5 Every Pet Owner Should Know! Are you a dog owner considering a GPS tracker for your furry friend? Pause for a moment. While these devices promise safety and peace of mind, they’re not without problems. Let’s delve into the realities of dog GPS trackers. You may face issues […]

GPS Tracking On College Campuses

How GPS Tracking Is Improving College Campus Safety After the high school graduation parties have ended and the diplomas are all handed out, many teens begin to focus on the next level of education. Most proactive teens have likely already spoken with high school guidance counselors to discuss long-term goals, as well as submit applications […]

GPS Tracking Skateboarders

Skate Tour Uses GPS Tracking Skateboarding Community Gets Help With Real-Time GPS Skateboarding has always represented the youth counter-culture movement ever since it exploded in popularity in the early 1970s in Southern California. When surfers decided to try and ride concrete with skateboards with the same artistry that was used to conquer waves with surfboards, […]

GPS Tracking Surfers

GPS Tracker Records How Fast Surfers Move On Waves Surf Competition Goes High-Tech Finding a person who does not enjoy sitting on the beach and watching beautiful blue ocean waves with white foam caps crash upon the shore is difficult, and that is why it is such an easy sell to get people to come […]

GPS Tracking In The Mountains

GPS Tracker That Works In Mountaineering GPS Tracking System That Performs Flawlessly In Mountain Regions Finding a GPS navigation device that can acquire satellite signals is easy because a driver is going to need to keep the navigation system within eyesight while operating a vehicle. With the majority of people placing GPS navigation devices on […]

GPS Tracking For Gaddafi?

Security For A Middle Eastern Dictator Gun Shot Rumors Spark Personal Security Talk Rumors ran wild today about the leader of Libya, Muammar Gadhafi, being shot and possibly mortally wounded. Although Gaddafi has been struggling to maintain power in Libya as a wave of revolutions has been occurring all throughout the Middle East and North […]

GPS Tracking Prostitution

GPS Tracking Could Protect Prostitutes Monitoring The Oldest Profession GPS tracking is used for a number of different and oftentimes strange applications, but for the most part, GPS monitoring is a good thing that enhances the safety of teens, children, the elderly, and employees. However, the best GPS tracking systems that are used to monitor activity […]

GPS Tracking Rhinos

GPS Trackers For Rhinos GPS Trackers Hope To Keep Rhinos Safe From Hunters South Africa is one of the most beautiful and pristine places in the entire world. Only in Africa can people get a glimpse of elephant families walking through the wild to find water, lions cruising through the prairies without boundaries, and majestic [...]

GPS Tracking Politicians

GPS Tracker For Politicians If America’s forefathers such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Benjamin Franklin were still alive today they would probably be disgusted with many of the people who hold positions in government. This is because corruption in government is as common as acne on a teenager’s face in this day in age. […]

GPS Tracking By Creditors

How GPS Could Change The Credit Industry Recent American economic policy has dictated that consumers and businesses should try and obtain large credit lines and spend their way to success and profit. Consumption is what drives the economy, and this is why the government has created multiple stimulus packages throughout the years to fuel an […]

GPS Tracking Mt. Everest

GPS Tracking On Mt. Everest – A Climber’s Guide To Navigation on the World’s Tallest Peak Embarking on the formidable journey to conquer Mount Everest requires meticulous planning, unwavering determination, and a paramount focus on safety. Yes, climbing Everest is no easy task. Among the arsenal of essential equipment, personal GPS trackers have emerged as […]

GPS Tracking Wolves In Arctic

GPS Tracking Collars Monitor Wolves In Arctic Eager to learn more about how wolves navigate and survive the frigid Winter months in the arctic, researchers placed a GPS tracking collar on a wolf named “Brutus” to monitor him and his wolf pack. The sophisticated and weather-strong GPS tracking collar that monitors Brutus’ movements up-links with […]

James Bond GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking Device Used By James Bond The fascination with spy gadgets and other cool state-of-the-art technology has been something captivating the public since the creation of hero-like characters such as James Bond. The cool spy gadgets James Bond used to solve murders and capture bad guys plotting to overthrow the government or take over […]


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