Positive Facts About Teenage Driving

27 Awesome Teenage Driving Statistics When it comes to teen drivers, there are so many cliches: They’re prone to distracted driving,

Careless Driving vs Dangerous Driving

What’s The Difference Between Careless And Dangerous Driving? Careless driving is not a criminal offense. Most of the time this

Where Is My Teenager Going When Driving

Hidden GPS Tracker Busts Teen Driver GPS Tracking Key Records Speeding Violations & Teen Party Spots  When News 5 decided

Free Teenage Driving Monitoring Apps

Best Apps For Tracking Teenage Drivers 2020 Anxiety and stress are two of the most common feelings for parents and

Should I Let My 18 Year Old Go On a Road Trip

Cross Country Road Trip For Teenage Drivers How Parents Can Feel Comfortable With Teens Driving Long Distance Parents are left

My Daughter Is Secretive

How Do You Deal With a Secretive Teenager? There is no worse feeling for a parent than when you have deal

How Can I Track My Son’s Car Without Him Knowing?

How To Track My Son’s Car GPS Vehicle Tracker Gives Parents Peace-Of-Mind Recently, the mother of a 17-year old boy

Empty Places To Practice Driving Near Me

Open Spaces To Practice Driving For Teens Feel Comfortable Learning How To Drive  There can be a great deal of

5 Best Ways Of Keeping Track of Your Teenager

Teen Safety Being a parent is more difficult today than ever before because teenagers have so many more technological tools

Why Parents Should Use Spyware On Teenage Drivers

Spyware For Teens Seatbelt Safety & Teen Driving Safety Buckling Up Can Save More Than Your Life The GPS car

Privilege of Driving the Family Vehicles Should Be Earned By Demonstrating

Teenage Driving Privilege Every generation faces its own unique challenges when it comes to family safety, but many argue that

How To Track Your Teenager Without Them Knowing

How Do I Monitor My Kid’s Driving? The majority of teenagers who get their licenses usually start off their driving

How Can We Prevent Teen Road Accidents From Happening

Prevention Of Teen Road Accidents Every parent understands the responsibility that comes with having a driver’s license and operating a

Can My Parents Track My Car

How Parents Are Tracking Their Teen’s Vehicle Have you ever wondered if your parents were tracking your vehicle? Well, the

Can I Track My Daughters Car?

How Can I Track My Teenager Car Without Her Knowing? One of the newest trends among parents of teenage drivers

How Can I Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

Top 5 Apps For Spying On Your Kids The reality is there are a lot of things kids do online

Speed Control For Teenage Drivers

GPS Speed Control Device For Vehicles GPS Trackers Can Reduce Leading Cause Of Death Among Teens Why is it that

How Far Should I Let My Teenager Drive

Letting Your Teenager Drive Parent Guide To Teen Drivers Safety Every parent knows at some point a teenager is going

Keylogger For Parents

How Can I Monitor My Child’s Internet Activity? Every parent has wondered at one time or another what their teenage

Do Vehicle Trackers Reduce Insurance Premiums for Teenage Drivers?

How Does A Teen GPS Tracker Work? For parents of teenagers, safety is often a reason to lay awake at

GPS Trackers In Tifton Georgia

Safe Teen Driving Program Comes To Tifton Parents and educators can both agree that when it comes to teenage driving

Device To Track Car With GPS

Parents Using Tracking Systems For Teen Driving So you are becoming concerned about your teen due to a number of

Stockton Teen Driving Program

New Teen Driving Class Emphasizes Safe Driving The California Highway Patrol (CHP) knows firsthand the dangers inexperience behind the wheel

Burlington County Teen Driving Safety

Sheriff’s Department Focuses On Driving Safety The old saying is that driving is a privilege not a right, but unfortunately

North Carolina Teen Speeding Law Problems

Teens Still Upset One Year Later With the arrival of the new year comes new laws, but one new law

Mobile App For Teen Safety

Teen Tracking Systems For Parents The world is a totally different place today than it was thirty years ago. Social

Reading Teen Text Messages

Monitoring Teenager Text Messages As soon as you reach the age when you see a kid with either dyed blue

Should I Track My Teen Driver

GPS Tracking Teen Drivers But Is It Wrong To Monitor Teenage Driving Activity? The number one priority for any parent

Mandatory Teen Tracking

How GPS Could Help Young Problem Drivers Making Ticketed Teens Undergo GPS Tracking Teens are known for having a reputation

GPS Could Help Identify Teen Drinking & Driving

Prevent Teenage Drunk Driving GPS Tracker Alerts Parent Of Reckless Driving Behaviors One of the most important moments for any

GPS Tracking High School Students

GPS Monitors Students For Truancy How To Reduce Absenteeism In School The old saying is that those who do not

GPS Tracking Lowers Teen Insurance Rates

GPS Tracking Systems Can Save You $$$ Insuring Your Teen at An Affordable Rate It is no secret that insuring

Hidden Cameras For Teens

Hidden Cameras Are A Parent’s Best Friend Parents Use Spy Cameras To Monitor Teens Almost every single adult looks forward

Dangers Of Texting While Driving

Teen Driving Troubles Has Teen Texting Gotten Out Of Control? Oprah has created a “no phone zone” campaign, Dr. Phil

Catching Teens Who Are Sexting

Teen “Sexting” Epidemic Why do teenagers do sexting? Any parent with a teenage son or daughter has definitely seen the

GPS Tracking Seatbelt Safety

Teen Driving: Seatbelt Safety Buckling Up Can Save Your Life! The message is said over and over and over again,

Teen GPS Tracking Law

Mandated Monitoring Until 18 Should Parents Be Required To GPS Track Teen Drivers? Some people are sick and tired of

Teen Alcohol And Drug Use On Rise

Study Shows Teens Engaging In More Risky Behaviors More Teens Turning Towards Drugs & Alcohol According to a survey conducted

Parents Ask For Cell Phone Tracking Law

Tracking Teenager Cell Phone Teen’s Death Has Parents Asking For GPS Tracking Law The saying is that there is no

Teen Driving

Risk-Taking Behaviors Could Be Due To Brain Development Everyday teens engage in risk-taking behaviors that could potentially put their lives

Speeding Results In Fatal Accident

GPS Tracking Systems A Solution To Teen Driving Speeding Believed To Be The Cause Of Car Accident Family, friends and

Top 5 Reasons Parents Use GPS Tracking Systems

Tracking Systems Make Parenting A Little Easier Top 5 Reasons For GPS Tracking Teens Unfortunately, their is no class that

GPS Tracking Teen Cell Phones

Tracking System Enabled Phones: GPS Tracking Your Teen Every parent is aware of teenage infatuation of cellular technology. Teenagers are

GPS Tracker Helps Diagnose Addiction

How GPS Can Help Fight Addiction Valuable Tool Against Addiction Alcohol addiction is a serious problem that millions of people

Teen Tracking Devices

GPS For Teenage Drivers All parents are faced with an assortment of challenges when it comes to raising and teaching