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Law Enforcement

How Long Can A Police Officer Follow You?

Can A Cop Follow You Home? Know Your Rights! The majority of the law enforcement officers in this country perform their job with dignity and regard for their communities and in accordance with the law of the land. However, there are a number of incidents in which this is not true. This article is designed […]

Examples Of Police Harassment

12 Scary Examples Of Police Misconduct Arrest  Have you ever been approached by a police officer who acted in an inappropriate or threatening manner? If so, you’re not alone. Every day, people across the U.S. are subjected to police misconduct, which can include verbal abuse, excessive force, and racial profiling. While it is of utmost […]

How Do You Stop Package Thieves?

How Do You Stop Package Thieves – Protect Yourself From Porch Pirates Are you tired of porch pirates stealing your holiday gifts or Amazon packages? The truth is thieves are always on the lookout for easy targets, leaving many people feeling frustrated. And rightfully so! Having items stolen from your porch or front door is […]

New York City Police GPS Trackers

Can The NYPD Track Your Car Without a Warrant – New York Police GPS Guidelines  New York City Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill recently voiced his opposition to a state court decision on GPS tracking systems in an open letter to state legislators. Commissioner O’Neill expressed concern over the financial strain on the New York […]

Where Do Cops Put Tracking Devices On Cars?

Where Do Police Put Tracking Devices On Cars – How Cops Secretly Track You! The image of police stakeouts in movies is familiar to many, featuring a pair of cops teaming up to gather evidence against suspected criminals. However, traditional stakeouts have drawbacks such as high costs, subjective police accounts, and potential risks to officer […]

GPS Tracker For Police Squad Cars

GPS Tracker For Police Squad Cars – Best For Law Enforcement Cruisers Police enforcement agencies throughout the United States face budget constraints and limited resources. However, they continue to operate with remarkable efficiency, resulting in some of the lowest crime rates in the past 50 years. Enhanced training, real-time information, and advanced technology have all […]

GPS Tracking In Memphis, Tennessee

Best GPS Trackers In Memphis, TN Are you looking for the same professional-grade vehicle tracking devices used by private investigators to catch cheating spouses and law enforcement to conduct surveillance? Legally, find out where your vehicle is going with the most user-friendly real-time GPS car tracker on the market in 2022! Best Hidden GPS Car […]

GPS Trackers In Olympia Washington

Spy Shop Olympia, WA Best GPS Car Tracker  Is Your Partner Cheating? Is Your Teen Driving Too Fast? Find Out The Truth! GET PRICING! Tracking Device Leads To Electronics Bust In Washington Olympia, Washington is one of the most friendly, artistic, and environmentally impressive cities in all of Washington. Football is the sport that brings […]

GPS Trackers In Akron, Ohio

Akron Ohio GPS Tracking Best GPS Car Tracker 2021 Find Out Where Your Teen Driver Is Going At Night  Discover If Your Partner Is Having An Affair  Catch Employees Speeding LEARN MORE! Spy Shop In Akron  Former Kent State University Professor In Jail GPS tracking devices are commonly used by police enforcement agencies to track […]

California Department Of Fish And Wildlife GPS Trackers

Department of Fish and Wildlife GPS Tracking GPS Tracking Helps In Conservation Longest Battery Life Of Any GPS Tracker On The Market  Most Widely Used Live GPS Among Law Enforcement Agencies  Secretly Track Any Vehicle For $16.99 Per Month  LEARN MORE! With more and more hipsters wanting to live a more “authentic” lifestyle, teens and […]

GPS Trackers In Israel

Israeli Vehicle Tracking System: Enhancing National Security Through GPS Tracking The ongoing geopolitical conflict in the Middle East, especially between Israel and Hamas, has frequently occupied recent news headlines. The escalating situation has seen Israel facing constant rocket attacks from Hamas, prompting a counter-response from the Israeli intelligence. Notably, Hamas’s strategic advantage stemmed from an […]

Real-Time GPS Tracker With Long Battery Life

What GPS Tracker Has The Longest Battery Life? Everlast Nano: Best Hidden GPS Tracker With Long Battery  One of the biggest problems facing companies and police agencies when it comes to applications related to GPS vehicle tracking is the lack of extended battery power with real-time tracking devices. GPS tracking devices are by far the […]

GPS Trackers In OxyContin Bottles

How GPS Trackers In OxyContin Bottles Is Resulting In Better Pharmacy Security Tragic Confrontation: John Capano’s Heroic Intervention in a Deadly Pharmacy Robbery On a fateful December night in 2011, retired ATF agent John Capano embarked on a routine trip to a Long Island pharmacy. Little did he know that this act of compassion, picking […]

Lunchbag Bandit Caught By GPS Tracker

Lunchbag Bandit Caught By GPS Sharkey Elam, better known by police investigators as the “Lunchbag Bandit”, was a serial bank robber with a long history of involvement in criminal activity. Serving considerable time in state prison on three separate occasions in 89′, 93′ and 97′ for crimes related to bank robbery, Elam was known on […]

Can Police Put A GPS On My Car

Can Police Attach A GPS Tracker To Your Car – Legal Facts & FAQs Cops understand that in order to catch the bad guys every measure and step must be taken. Unfortunately, in an era where financial cutbacks to police enforcement limit resources, gathering incriminating evidence is much more arduous. Well, at least it would […]

USCG GPS Tracker

How GPS Technology Empowers the U.S. Coast Guard Imagine yourself as a member of the U.S. Coast Guard, safeguarding America’s waterways. The wind and waves surround you, but with GPS technology, you’re never lost. This isn’t just about plotting your course. It’s a complex, high-tech system that keeps you and your crew safe and effective. […]

U.S. Marshals Service GPS Tracker

  Government Agency GPS Devices U.S. Marshals Service Car Trackers LEARN MORE! When it comes to getting s*** done, the U.S. Marshals Service does not mess around. This is because the U.S. Marshals Service has been enforcing Federal law for over 220 years, transporting prisoners, seizing ill-gotten gains, protecting judges, safeguarding witnesses, and putting fugitives […]

Bureau Of Land Management GPS Trackers

Helping The Bureau Of Land Management Live GPS Tracking By BLM The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) provides a variety of services at the national level that involves energy, fire, grazing, planning, recreation, conservation, and more. They focus on the soil, water, and wildlife that inhabit the vast areas of land that are set aside […]

Using GPS To Fight A Traffic Ticket

How To Fight A Speeding Ticket With GPS Data We all appreciate the job that police enforcement provides society. They are critical in keeping us all safe and the job they do should get a significant amount of praise, as they are the ones who put their lives on the line every single day to [...]

GPS Trackers For Police Cruisers

Real Time GPS Improves Officer Safety GPS Trackers For Police Patrol Cars Police officers are the enforcers of the law, and therefore they need every possible tool to enhance personal safety. The security products that are staples for police are bulletproof vests, guns, radar equipment and of course the squad cars they use for patrol, […]

Law Enforcement GPS Trackers

Law Enforcement Agencies Utilize GPS Tracking Best Law Enforcement GPS Tracker For Surveillance Police agencies all across the nation find themselves struggling to battle criminal activity while working in an era filled with budget cut-backs, but even though law enforcement and government agencies are no longer receiving the financial support they once did that does not […]

GPS Tracking Smugglers

GPS Tracking Could Help End People Smuggling (Human Trafficking) GPS tracking systems have helped police agencies conduct numerous different types of surveillance missions over the past decade. Whether tracking systems are used for following the routes of drug dealers or other serious crimes, there is no denying that technology has played a critical role in […]

Can Police Track Your Phone

Can Police Ping A Cell Phone Without A Warrant? Are you the type of person who believes in conspiracy theories? That the government knew about the JFK assassination or that fluoride is in our water systems to keep people mellow? Well if you are one of those types then you certainly will not like how […]

GPS Tracking Turkey Vultures

GPS Equipped Vultures To Help Police Locate Bodies Everybody is fairly familiar with all of the good things that dogs provide. Beyond simple companionship and protection, dogs are trained to literally sniff out anything from mold, drugs to people. K-9 units are now common among police agencies because of the great benefits that dogs can […]

GPS Trackers In Mexico

GPS Tracking In Mexico – Tracking Vehicles in Mexico City, Jalisco, Nuevo León, and Baja! Do you have vehicles that cross back and forth from the border between the United States and Mexico and have a need to track them? If you want to find out where any vehicle is going inside Mexico and when it […]

GPS Tracking Systems In Oakland

GPS Tracker Oakland, California Fighting Crime With GPS Trackers The city of Oakland is most known for its reputation as being a tough, hard-nosed city. Even the football team that resides in the Northern California city, the Oakland Raiders have always carried the persona as a team of outlaws, misfits, and outcasts who play tough, […]

Drug Enforcement Agency GPS Trackers

DEA GPS Tracking Law enforcement and government agencies are very familiar with the advantages GPS tracking technology can provide over criminals. With passive and real-time tracking systems now being stapled law enforcement tools, men such as Andres Hernandez Vargas will be finding it much more difficult to succeed in their criminal activities in the future. […]

Pill Bottle GPS Tracker

GPS Trackers In Pill Bottles – Helping Police Catch Thieves Targeting Pharmacies Are you a pharmacy owner who’s tired of dealing with theft? You’re not alone. In recent years, pharmacy robberies have become more common, with thieves targeting pain management drugs and other valuable medications. However, there’s a new technology that’s helping law enforcement catch […]

Tracking System Helps DEA Bust Cocaine Trafficker

GPS Tracking Data Results In Conviction Man Receives 150 Month Sentence For Trafficking Cocaine The Connecticut Police Department, Drug Enforcement Agency and numerous small police forces all helped in an investigative effort to bring down a large scale drug trafficker who was known to be distributing cocaine all across the New England area. The extensive […]

Border Patrol GPS Trackers

Best Border Patrol GPS Tracker Real Time GPS Tracker With Longest Battery Life (138 Days) Live GPS Tracker Works In USA, Canada, and Mexico Durable Wireless GPS Car Tracker  GET PRICING! Securing The Border With GPS Tracking Devices The United States Border Patrol is America’s front line, guarding the nation’s borders tirelessly from unlawful international […]

GPS Tracking Soldiers

The Role of GPS Tracking in Military Operations GPS tracking system technology is nothing new to the military, especially since they were responsible for developing GPS technology. The military uses GPS systems to guide soldiers through foreign locations at night, airplane and helicopter operations, mine-sweeping, navigation, and more. With the many positive military applications of […]

GPS Tracking System Provides Lead in Arson Case

GPS Assists State Police In Arson Case When state police obtained a warrant and then equipped a GPS tracking system upon Michael Dreslinski’s Ford pickup truck they had a strong suspicion that he was engaging in some form of illegal behavior. What the GPS tracking data would reveal in less than 10 days was something they […]

GPS Tracking Systems In El Paso, TX

El Paso GPS Car Tracker Best Hidden GPS Tracker Works In USA + Mexico  Longest Lasting Battery Of Any Live GPS Tacker Secretly Track Any Car Without Drivers Ever Knowing LEARN MORE! Everlast GPS is the most powerful vehicle tracker for secretly monitoring employees, teenage drivers, or a cheating spouse. Used by government agencies such […]

GPS Tracking Copper Wire

GPS Tracker For Copper Theft Are you a construction company tired of dealing with the persistent issue of copper wire theft? It’s time to take a stand and protect your valuable assets. Copper wire theft has become a widespread problem, affecting industries across the board. In this article, we will explore the impact of copper […]

GPS Device Used As Evidence

GPS Tracker in Police Cruiser Reveals Officer’s Speeding in Collision In a notable incident, Don Grimm, a 71-year-old man, found himself involved in a motor vehicle accident when a police officer collided with his van. Grimm promptly reported that the law enforcement officer had been speeding in a 35 mph zone, which triggered the incident. […]

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