Boat Race Receives New Sponsorship


JP Morgan To Bring GPS Tracking To Boat Race

Major Sponsor Brings Attention To Round The Island Race

yachtOne of the largest sporting events in the United Kingdom is receiving a new sponsor through 2012. The sporting event is the Round The Island Race, a yacht race that involves over 16,000 sailors and nearly 2,000 yachts circling the Isle of Wight, and the new corporate sponsor is the financial giant JP Morgan. It is estimated that JP Morgan invested nearly 1 million dollars toward the sponsorship of the race over the next 3 years, money that will be used for advertising purposes as well as state-of-the-art GPS tracking systems to provide fans watching the race at home a unique viewing experience.

Although the GPS location and tracking system technology probably will not be available to boaters until late June in 2010, many race organizers believe that the technology will bring a dynamic shift to the racing audience. With the race having the ability to extend to a global and mobile audience via GPS tracking technology their is no doubt the sport can only continue to grow in popularity.

The Round The Island Race began in the 1930s, but the top trophy has not changed, the Gold Roman Bowl.

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