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Securing The Border With GPS Tracking

Border Patrol GPS Tracking Device

The United States Border Patrol is America’s front line, guarding the nation’s borders tirelessly from unlawful international trade, drug trafficking, and terrorism. They serve and protect citizens by enforcing the law of the United States, and although their job may not be glamorous it is essential to the functioning of a safe and secure nation. Utilizing the most sophisticated surveillance equipment available, the U.S. Border Patrol has been relying heavily upon GPS tracking system tools to monitor illegal and criminal activity surfacing near the nation’s border.

Every year tens of thousands of people from Mexico attempt to cross through the American border without authorization from the federal government, and with Mexico now outpacing Columbia as the number one source of illegally trafficked drugs into America the situation has become very dangerous. The Mexican drug cartels are ruthless, making the Mexican-American border situation more unstable and unlike any other border in the world, excluding the 38th parallel. Thankfully, the servicemen and women protecting the nation’s borders have vehicle tracking technology to help them conduct surveillance operations along the border stretching across Texas to California.

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Border Patrol Use Of GPS Tracking

GPS tracking systems are now manufactured and designed with specific features to give law enforcement agencies such as the U.S. Border Patrol an easy way to monitor vehicles suspected of contributing to illegal activities near the border. With the rugged and durable GPS vehicle trackers, Border Patrol agents can easily gather information by attaching a GPS tracking device under the frame of the car they wish to monitor via magnetic mount. The Border Patrol agents can then remotely access the GPS tracker and view the recorded GPS tracking data live in real-time via personal computer.

The vehicle tracking systems make it easy for Border Patrol agents to conduct surveillance missions in an effort to reduce drug trafficking and other illegal activities near the border.

With the Mexican drug cartels, no stranger to kidnapping, drug trafficking and murdering of innocent people the Border Patrol needs the most advanced surveillance equipment to ensure the safety of our nation, and they receive that assistance with real time GPS tracking technology.

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