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Senior GPS Devices Out Until December

One of the most popular selling personal trackers offered via the Tracking System Direct online e-commerce store has been the Senior GPS Bracelet. Designed to assist families and health care facilities monitor potentially wandering senior citizens, the Senior GPS Bracelet gives constant real-time updates on the personal location that promote safety. The tracker device even comes equipped with features that will alert guardians if a senior citizen leaves their home or the care facility they are at. Although the GPS bracelet continues to be an awesome device, the original design of the bracelet tracker had one minor flaw, the hardware was only water-resistant, not waterproof. Understanding that it would be ideal to have a waterproof GPS bracelet that a senior could keep on while they showered or took a bath, Tracking System Direct worked tirelessly to develop a total waterproofed GPS. Now the engineering of such a GPS tracking system is complete and ready for debut the first week of December.

With the waterproof version of the Senior GPS Bracelet now ready to be available for purchase during the first month of December, Tracking System Direct made the decision no longer to carry stock of the water-resistant version of the bracelets.

“The new version of the bracelet tracker has a number of other upgrades besides the waterproof housing of the hardware, and that is why we feel it is now time to discontinue carrying the older version of the senior tracker”, explained an employee from Tracking System Direct who was asked about the new GPS bracelet. The online store ran out of inventory for GPS bracelets last month and can therefore no longer ship any of the devices out until December when the new upgraded version of senior trackers arrives.

Tracking System Direct would like to apologize to any customers with an immediate need for a senior tracking solution, and state that the short wait will certainly be worth it. For those currently using the older water-resistant version of Senior GPS Bracelet, rest assured Tracking System Direct will continue offering complete product support and warranty. Those with questions about the newest version of the senior tracking and personal safety GPS solution can contact Tracking System Direct for more details or information.