Brand Of GPS Tracker On Wynonna Judds Car


GPS Tracking System Discovered On Judd’s Car

wynonna-2013Traveling salespeople, delivery persons, police agents and others part of small to large fleet operations are usually comfortable and aware that vehicle tracking devices are more than likely connected to their company vehicles to monitor driving activity such as mielage driven, speeds traveled and more. This is because the use of GPS tracking system technology is now woven into the fabric of American business culture, helping companies protect automotive assets while at the same time enhancing the productivity of a workforce. Unfortunately, that same GPS vehicle management technology that is so helpful in the business and consumer world can also be used maliciously when in the hands of the wrong individual. That is what police in Franklin, Tennessee believe happened when people working on behalf of country music super star Wynonna Judd found a GPS tracking device on the under carriage of one of her personal vehicles.

When a vehicle owned and operated by Wynonna Judd was taken to a local muffler shop the mechanics working on the car discovered a small piece of technology that was eventually determined to be a GPS tracking system. It appears that the teenager who brought the vehicle in for inspection had some suspicion that a GPS tracker system was indeed equipped to the vehicle because the person specifically asked the mechanics to look for such a GPS device on the automobile. Once the workers located the GPS tracker and local police authorities removed the tracking device an investigation commenced. Now, police are discreetly moving forward in gathering information about who might have placed the tracking system on Judd’s vehicle and if any laws were broken in the process.

GPS tracking systems such as the GPS Tracking Key are commonly used by consumers and businesses with much success in applications related to teen driving safety and vehicle management. However, one criticism of the popular GPS tracker that can easily be purchased online is that the surface magnetic mount on the GPS device makes it easier for stalkers to monitor and follow their victims. Although the brand of GPS tracker found on the vehicle owned by Wynonna Judd has not been publicized, many technology insiders believe that the Tracking Key was likely the device used.