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Sheriff’s Department Focuses On Driving Safety

teenage-driversThe old saying is that driving is a privilege not a right, but unfortunately most teenagers think otherwise. They also have a tendency to believe that they are some the safest and most responsible drivers on the road even though the statistics show that in fact teen drivers are some of the most dangerous behind the wheel. In an effort to reduce the number of automotive accidents by teen drivers  through more parental awareness, the Burlington County Sheriff’s Department on March 16th will be holding a free presentation for anyone seeking more information about a new program called “Share the Keys”.

What Is Share The Keys

“Share the Keys” is a program designed for both parents and their teenage drivers. The program focuses on teens involved in the pre-permit and permit stages of obtaining a license where driving behaviors are believed to be more easily shaped for long-term success. With an emphasis on safe driving behaviors and parental oversight, law enforcement believe that the program can be successful in reducing automotive accidents among young people.

When asked about the program a Burlington County Sheriff went on to explain that they were so impressed with Share the Keys that they felt compelled to be a part of the  program in an effort to make it that much more effective. The Sheriff also stated that they had a family relative who recently received her driver’s permit, and therefore was excited that this program would be able to help her along with other teens ready to take on the road.

Another tool law enforcement recommend concerned parents of teen drivers use is a GPS tracking system that can monitor driving activity for things such as speeding! 

Share the Keys goes the extra mile to provide parents with information on Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws as well as the building blocks and tools necessary to create long-term safe teen driving behaviors. The main points of emphasis of the program focus on the importance of being a positive driving role model, increasing behind-the-wheel practice, controlling of automobile keys and as mentioned before a more in-depth understanding of GDL.

Burlington Sheriff’s will be offering various door prizes and other giveaways to encourage particpation. People wanting more information can contact communituy servics directly at 609-265-3788.


Are you for or against the use of a GPS for teenager car that could help parents monitor driving activity?