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The Tracking System Direct Story

TrackingSystemDirectLogo.2Many businesses, consumers and law enforcement agencies are already familiar with the services GPS wholesaler distributor Tracking System Direct (TSD) provides. Offering both real-time and passive tracking units for fleet management, theft-recovery and a variety of personal tracking applications, TSD has made a significant footprint in a market that is expected to be a multi-billion dollar industry within the next 5 years. What many people may not be aware of is that only a year ago TSD was nothing more than an idea Ryan Horban, Vice President of Marketing for a Chicago-based GPS tracking company, had screaming in the back of his head. However, it is not the simple story of the transformation of an idea into a successful reality that makes the TSD story unique, but rather the marketing path Horban and an associate took to obtain numerous high-rankings on multiple search engines without investing a dime!

Before The Story Began

After dedicating over 5 years working as a one-on-one teacher with non-verbal children with Autism, Horban decided to shake things up and leave his southern California life to work as a salesperson for a GPS tracking company in the Chicago area. With no previous sales experience, Horban quickly excelled in the sales world by paying close attention to the needs of customers and clients in the same way he focused on the little details necessary to improve the lives of children many schools had given up on. After breaking single day and monthly sales records, management decided to place Horban in a marketing position, another area Horban had zero previous experience with. Horban spent a great deal of his time observing the marketing habits and patterns of GPS competitors, documenting the differences between the companies who were successful, and the ones who were not effectively maximizing and utilizing resources. After a few months researching the marketing efforts of the top GPS tracking companies, Horban believed it was possible to create a highly successful e-commerce company with little investment that could compete with the big boys in the industry. From that moment an idea more addicting than a drug was born.

Getting Started

Horban began TSD by selecting a quality domain name that would get high traffic. Since Horban had no money to invest in links, sponsored blog posts, search engine pay-per-clicks and other strategies commonly used to build a web presence, he decided to invest all of his time in the creation of content. More specifically, relevant and quality content that was directly related to the companies’ goal of becoming more than simply a reseller of GPS trackers, but also an online resource for everything related to the GPS tracking industry.

The Quest For Content

Horban realized very early on that the web world viewed content is king, but he was also keenly aware that directionless fluff content had little to no value and was not worth allocating resources too. This is why he refused to work with cost-effective writing agencies based in India and other countries that offered tons of affordable content, but content he felt had little real-world value. Instead, Horban decided to work 7 days a week and post anywhere between 4-8 articles (400-1000 words per article) a day related to teen tracking, business tracking, GPS tracking news and essentially anything that involved GPS monitoring technology. He wrote content specifically for people with no knowledge of how GPS technology worked, and wrote content that only industry professionals would understand. He wrote and wrote and wrote every single day, and when he was not writing for TSD he spent time creating content for other GPS companies, manufacturers, reviewers and bloggers for free; the only contingency being that a link be inserted into the article pointing to the TSD homepage, a category page or sub-category page.

The Power Of Links

Horban understood the importance of links, but learned quickly that most people wanted financial compensation for link placement. Instead, Horban started by building internal links in the content he created, pointing links toward product pages and the company home page. He also would write at least one article per day for other GPS fleet tracking blogs, inserting a link in that article that would point to TSD. Through this internal linking process and link-building campaign, Horban was able to create over 1000 pages of relevant content and thousands more links within a year. The dedication to content and links had a significant impact on where search rankings placed TSD under multiple keywords and search phrases.

Building An Online Presence

Over the course of a year, without any investment other than significant amounts of personal time, TSD obtained the top company ranking for the keyword “tracking system” on Bing, Yahoo, Google and other search engines. Not to mention, many other high rankings for other valuable keywords and phrases related to the GPS monitoring industry. With that online presence, built with no monetary investment other than domain registration and hosting costs, sales began pouring in. “As a young entrepreneur with no access to disposable income, I completely believed that relevant content, links and dedication to a personal vision would result in favorable online position. When TSD became a reality, I placed heavy emphasis on responding to every email within an hour, taking sales calls regardless if it were Monday at 12:00p.m. or Sunday at 9:30p.m. and always did everything I could to cater to the customer and/or potential customer’s needs. By treating both the web and the people who contacted me with respect and care, TSD began building a reputation built on quality and honesty”, explained Horban.

Advice To Other Entrepreneurs

“When I first began laying the foundation for TSD I was told it would take at least 2-3 years before the company would get to page one on Google for the keyword I was optimizing for, and that TSD may never achieve the overall number one ranking. Although my goal may have initially appeared ridiculous by some outsiders, by putting all of my energy and effort into that goal I was able to get on page one of Google within 8 months and secure the overall top ranking within a year! Entrepreneurs must realize that anything is possible and attainable, and that by internally thinking something is not possible you are only shackling yourself down”. “Throughout my life, I have been a musician, special needs teacher, salesperson, marketing specialist, photographer and now entrepreneur all before the age of 28. Being involved with so many different fields of work, what I have learned is that in order to be successful one must have a goal/vision, create benchmarks to ensure that sufficient progress is being made toward that goal/vision and work hard and honestly to make that goal/vision a reality. Treat every person as if they are important because they are. Love what you do, or make the appropriate changes in your life so you are working toward doing something you want to do. Life is too short and valuable for anyone to be wasting 40 hours a week being unhappy” —Tracking System Direct President of Operation, Ryan Horban