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California Cooling Co. Goes The Extra Mile & More

Auto_RepairVehicle maintenance and repair is something that everybody has to deal with at some point in time. Whether the consumer or business is taking a vehicle to the auto repair shop for preventative maintenance, or if they are experiencing some sort of mechanical troubles, finding a quality auto repair service can be difficult. The process can be difficult and arduous because of the prevalence of so many crooked shops out there over-charging for repairs, or billing for unnecessary repairs. Thankfully, a business like California Cooling Co. (CCC) comes around and reminds us that there are still quality people in the auto repair business who truly put the customer number one.

GPS tracking distributor TSD recently needed some maintenance work done on a couple of fleet vehicles. The maintenance work needed involved some hose changes, air conditioning service, 60k tune-up and more. After a few negative experiences with some other local auto repair shops who both over-priced and under-delivered, this vehicle tracking company decided it was time to try someone new, and that company was California Cooling Co.

California Cooling Co. is a family owned business that is run by Daryl, the head mechanic and all around good guy. The auto repair shop based in Murrieta does an assortment of vehicle repairs, ranging form radiator work, A/C repair, 30K-60k-90k-120k tune-ups and more. California Cooling Co. has been in business since 1962, providing quality work and knowledgeable insight in auto repair, but what really sets this company apart from everybody else is the way they treat each customer like family.

California Cooling Co. completely believes that quality service begins with customer care, and through all of our years working with hundreds of companies in different industries, this auto repair business tops the list. When we brought our fleet of vehicles to Daryl he was quick to offer a diagnosis, take us in the shop and show us the problems, offer a free quote, give us an estimated time for service repair and tips on how to prevent the problems from occurring in the future. He and his family/employees were continually courteous, offering us water, asking how we were doing, bringing out a fan because we looked hot, offering us cozier chairs and on and on and on. Once the repairs were complete, the bill was more than reasonable, and the cars ran flawlessly afterwards!

Anyone in the Southern California region in need of an honest mechanic who will treat you like family should give the guys at California Cooling Co. a call at 951-600-0600.

Fax: 951-600-0644

41795 Elm Street. #101

Murrieta, CA 92563

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