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Driving Activists Close Teen Driving Loop Hole

teens drivingWhen it comes to driving the numbers don’t lie and what those numbers say is that teenage motorists are much more likely to be involved in some form of vehicle accident than any other age group of drivers. Although legislation in many states has been modified to reduce the statistics surrounding teen driving, inexperience behind the wheel and a propensity to engage in risk taking behaviors has continued to impact teen driving safety. With that said, many safe driving advocates still believe that more can be done on the political front to improve teen driving. That is why safe driving advocacy groups have been trying to fix a loophole in California’s distracted driving laws that were revised last year.

What this loophole in the California distracted driving law allows are teen drivers under the age of 18 to use voice-activated mobile devices to send texts and other messages. Although the distracted driving laws made it a penalty for newly licensed teen drivers to send text messages or talk on their cell phones while driving, it forgot to address the issue of voice activated technologies. That means popular voice activated services such as the iPhone’s Siri could be used by teens who were driving. The latest revisions of the California law seek to end that loophole, making it illegal for teen drivers to use any type of voice responsive applications to make phone calls or send text messages.

Clearly, no amount of legislation can eliminate distraction because people will always fiddle with the radio, apply makeup while driving or take a excited pet for a car ride, but the reality is mobile phones are the biggest problem when it comes to distracted driving. This is because smart phones give people a portal to access emails, Facebook, Internet search and more.

GPS Tracking Teen Drivers

Even with new laws aimed at removing mobile devices and distractions from the hands of teen drivers, parents should still be concerned about the safety of their teen drivers. This is because stats clearly identify that motor vehicle accidents are most common among teen drivers. This is why parents are now using GPS tracking system technology to record complete driving activity of their teens. GPS trackers for teen driving will determine the rate of speed a teen is driving, all of the places that teen goes and more. This detailed driving activity provides parents the data necessary to evaluate just how safe their teen is driving.

With the change in California distracted driving laws no longer allowing teens to use voice activated technologies and parents calling upon the latest GPS vehicle tracking systems to observe teen driving, hopefully society can reduce the statistics that keep every parent up at night.