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Many companies regardless if they are a manufacturer or reseller of the product have been turning to conventional and non-conventional methods of protecting assets. One form of asset protection that has recently been making headlines has been the use of GPS tracking technology. Tracking systems are helpful to companies not only wanting to monitor employees or document mileage but also companies looking for an easy way to protect company assets whether they be forklift, company vehicle or other items of value. The 16mm Camera Store, an online distributor of specialized camera equipment, sells some of the most unique and difficult to find products and brands such as arriflex cameras, Bolex cameras and more.

What the camera store is doing is placing real-time GPS trackers on some of the most expensive camera and film equipment, making it virtually impossible for a criminal to successfully steal the pricey goods. A representative for the 16mm Camera Store stated, “The GPS devices we use to monitor our most expensive products will send us notification if the equipment is not only stolen but if it is even moved”. Since the 16mm Camera Store deals with some very costly and hard-to-find devices, protecting and securing the products is of high importance.

People interested in learning about 16mm cameras can contact a vintage camera store or do a google search for more info.

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