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Can I Put A GPS Tracker In The Trunk?

Can You Put A GPS Tracker Inside A Car Trunk?

The short answer is Security experts do not recommend you place a hidden GPS tracker inside the trunk of a vehicle because the device will be surrounded by metal and GPS signals cannot penetrate metal. However, there have been instances where people have hidden a vehicle tracker in the trunk and it worked! Therefore, it is best practice to test the GPS device in the trunk before using it in a real-world situation. Below are some of the placement locations security experts recommend you are better off hiding a tracking device:

  • Inside the glove box
  • Underneath a seat
  • On the dashboard 
  • Under the automobile
  • Hard-wired to the 12-volt system

Our security experts at Tracking System Direct receive hundreds of phone calls every week from different businesses, police agencies, and people regarding our mini GPS devices. One of the most popular questions that our surveillance specialists receive is whether or not our GPS tracker with magnets will operate smoothly and effectively inside the trunk of a vehicle. Although we research and test many different GPS vehicle tracking devices in a quest to find the best GPS devices, all GPS asset trackers still must adhere to some basic principles. 

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Hiding A GPS Tracker In The Trunk Of A Car

Currently, most real time GPS trackers are designed with superior antenna reception, and powerful exterior magnetic mounts to give you many options when hiding the GPS car tracker. GPS vehicle management solutions often work most effectively when they have a direct line of sight to the sky, but the more sophisticated ones such as SpaceHawk, Vyncs GPS tracker, LandAirSea GPS 54, and Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7 can also function with a high level of accuracy in more covert spot. Examples include near the front bumper, rear bumper, glove box, under the front/passenger seats, or inside a speaker.

Does A GPS Tracker Work In The Trunk?

Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple. First of all, the trunk is not a recommended placement location for any car GPS tracker, but that doesn’t mean a tracker device will not work when placed in the trunk of every make and model of vehicle. Many of our customers have reported that they have been very successful using their car tracking devices in the trunk of a vehicle, but because the trunk in some automobiles will interfere with GPS signals, we cannot state with confidence that a live GPS tracker will work in the trunk of a vehicle.

At the end of the day, the best thing to do is to place any GPS device in a location and give it a trial run to see how effective it is on your particular vehicle. 

Can I Put A Hidden GPS Device In The Trunk Of A Car?

No, it is not recommended to put a hidden GPS tracker in the trunk of a car. GPS tracking devices work best when placed in a location with a clear view of the sky, such as the dashboard or windshield. If the GPS tracker is placed inside the trunk, the signal strength will be reduced, and the device may not work correctly. The reason? GPS signals can’t go throw metal. 

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