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Can My Parents Track My Car

How Parents Are Tracking Their Teen’s Vehicle

Have you ever wondered if your parents were tracking your vehicle? Well, the answer may shock you because for every teenager who has asked the question, “Can my parents track my car?” the answer is yes! And the technology they are using to track your car is called GPS tracking. Now let’s take a closer look at why parents are tracking teen driving, and the most popular devices used by parents to track a car.

The reality is that when a teenager takes the keys and gets behind the wheel of a car they are engaging in a behavior that is the leading cause of premature death among teens. This is because motor vehicle accidents are a teen killer. Some people attribute the horrific statistics associated with teenage driving/motor vehicle accidents to novice skills operating a car, a propensity to not focus on the road with full attention, or a tendency some teens have to speed. Whatever the root cause really is, the truth is that driving can be lethal, and therefore parents need to take every possible step to increase the odds of safety. One of the instruments a large number of caring parents of teenage drivers are now making use of is a gadget known as the SpaceHawk GPS, a real-time GPS tracker that reports an abundance of information related to driving movements.

How Parents Track A Vehicle’s Location (Step-By-Step Guide)

Secretly tracking a teens’ car is very simple with the assistance of car tracker devices. In fact, many helicopter parents now turn to vehicle tracking devices to find the exact location a teen is 24/7. Here is how easy it is tracking children with a vehicle tracker:

  1. The concerned parent equips a car tracking device inside the teenager’s vehicle.
  2. The fleet tracking system records the vehicle’s location, cars’ speed, and where kids at college go.
  3. Using tracking apps for iPhone or Android, parents can know everything a teen does. 

A hidden GPS tracking device for parents allows the concerned parent to know if a teen is driving the speed limit, protect a vehicle from car theft, and answer questions about what a teen is really doing!

Wireless GPS Tracker

Should Your Parents Track Your Location Debate

Benefits Of GPS Tracking For Parents

Having the ability to identify where a teenage driver is located and all the historical information related to driving activity would be the definition of GPS teen tracking. The reason why parents take advantage of this application of vehicle tracking is simple: safety. Although every teenager believes that they are the exception to the rule, that they are the best driver, that they won’t get a speeding ticket or that they won’t get into a traffic collision, the reality is that teenagers are high-risk drivers who do get themselves into trouble fairly often. That means parents need to be more proactive and take the necessary steps to guarantee they know everything about how their teen drives, where they go, and more, and the SpaceHawk GPS tracker offers parents those capabilities.

The real-time GPS monitoring system combines a user-friendly web-based interface with sophisticated GPS satellite technology in perfect harmony that results in a solution that any parent can operate to get real answers. By placing the tracking device in the cab of the vehicle being operated by the teen driver, or having the GPS system professionally installed, parents can learn:

  1. Whether A Teenage Motorist is Driving Too Fast
  2. If A Teen Is Traveling To Places That Might Be Considered “Unacceptable” By Parents
  3. How Long A Teen Is Staying At Each Location They Visit

Of course, the live GPS personal tracking systems can also offer a number of other advantages such as providing a GPS theft-recovery solution, an avenue to possibly receive discounted car insurance rates, and more.

Teens Need Supervision In Life & With Driving

Conveying the seriousness of driving safety is a difficult chore for parents because many teens are embedded with the notion that they are almost invincible to bad things happening to them. They feel that traffic collisions and accidents are the types of things that happen to other people, not themselves. Unfortunately, that simply is not the case, as the research numbers show that teens are often involved in accidents. Causing the situation to be even more critical is the fact that sometimes people do not get a second chance when it comes to accidents, as many times a traffic collision can end with fatal results, making it imperative active parents not only talk with their teen about safe driving habits but actually monitor driving activity to make certain those habits are being implemented on a daily basis. GPS surveillance technology provides the bridge to allow parents to oversee driving behaviors and guarantee safety. It is the type of supervision that can actually save a life.

How Parents Track A Teen’s Car Without Them Knowing

The Best Devices On The Market For Tracking

GPS has been instrumental in improving the lives of motorists. With the help of handheld or hard-wired navigation systems, drivers can receive directional data with simplicity, as GPS systems will alert drivers when to turn, if they missed an exit, while also providing real-time updates regarding travel information. Although portable GPS navigation solutions continue to provide a wealth of information to motorists, the technology has almost been replaced now that mobile phone mapping applications are getting the job done at a fraction of the cost. Yes, it is true that mobile applications are providing the GPS navigational needs for most people, but mobile technology has still not come close to meeting the GPS vehicle tracking needs of consumers. In an effort to provide more information to consumers regarding the best GPS systems designed for tracking that are on the market, the fleet tracking experts at Tracking System Direct have created this article as a blueprint for those looking to learn more about satellite monitoring technology devices that get the job done!

Smallest GPS Tracker


Teen GPS Trackers Without SIM Cards

When most consumers envision GPS monitoring technology they typically think about the high-tech surveillance devices showcased in their favorite spy movies. Although it is true that there are solutions available on the market that can transmit geo-locational data that can be remotely accessed, the best GPS tracker for parents who want to track their teen daughter or son tends to be the Flashback. Here are some brief features of the tracker:

  • No Service Or Activation Obligations
  • Compact Housing Designed With Magnetic Mount On Frame
  • GPS Records Data Every Second
  • State-Of-The-Art Motion Sensor That Detects Movement

Why GPS professionals believe this tracker is one of the best vehicle management solutions is because the device is the perfect balance between cost-effective and high-tech. Unlike live monitoring devices that require the consumer to pay monthly payments for service, Flashback GPS is a GPS tracker with no monthly fees of any kind! That means no SIM card is required! This is because the device is classified as a receiver or a recorder of historical driving information. The tracker will capture data second by second with consistency and without gaps or holes. All consumers need to do in order to view the GPS historical driving information is to remove the unit from the vehicle and connect the device to a computer via included USB download cable. The online GPS software will then extract the recorded GPS data and display it over Google Earth and Google Maps for review.

What If Parents Want The Data In Real-Time?

Flashback GPS is an awesome system that is perfect for parents who want to oversee teenage driving behaviors (teen GPS tracking), but the one shortcoming of the device is that it cannot transmit recorded GPS data where a person can remotely access information from a computer or mobile phone. This means that the tracker WOULD NOT be a working solution for those interested in a theft-recovery device, or a GPS system to improve personal safety. For those parents who require live GPS data as it happens and is okay paying a monthly service obligation, the best real time device on the market is currently SpaceHawk GPS.

Key Features Of The SpaceHawk GPS:

  1. Instant Access To GPS Data
  2. Various Detailed Driving Reports
  3. Acceleration & Virtual Boundary Alerts
  4. Mobile Phone Access To GPS Data

Engineered and designed to be the most sophisticated live GPS tracking solutions ever created, SpaceHawk GPS  has redefined mobile monitoring technology. Although the device is probably more suited for business tracking vehicle management applications or consumer monitoring applications revolving around automotive security/personal protection, the device and web-based interface was designed to be user-friendly enough for anyone to utilize successfully. This tracker is popular among parents of teen drivers because it allows them to instantly locate a teen driver. This information can be helpful if a teen is speeding or is in an emergency situation.

Learn how to track a child’s phone without them knowing by clicking here!

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