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Can Police Put A GPS On My Car

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Can police attach a GPS tracker to your car?

Cops understand that in order to catch the bad guys every measure and step must be taken. Unfortunately, in a era where financial cut backs to police enforcement limit resources, gathering incriminating evidence is much more arduous. Well, at least it would be if it were not for monitoring technology that utilizes GPS to track the activity of criminals. So if you ever asked yourself, “Can police put a GPS on my car” then this article is for you!

Tracker systems are small, lightweight units that can offer real-time or historical locational information to police. Basically, the monitoring devices act as a surveillance tool that lets police know every spot a potential criminal goes, and the length of time that person/vehicle was at each location. How these devices are used by police is actually rather simple. Officers in the midst of a investigation make the decision expanded monitoring is needed. Once this is decided, police will then make a formal request for a warrant. The warrant allows police to place a GPS tracker on the automobile of the suspected criminal. In the same way police obtain a search warrant to scan through a person’s home, a warrant for GPS monitoring allows police to observe driving activity.

The Supreme Court recently made a ground-breaking decision that stated police must first obtain a warrant before place any GPS vehicle tracking unit upon a potential suspect’s automobile. Before this ruling, law enforcement would routinely place tracking systems on the automobile of criminals without first gathering a warrant.

Can Police Put A GPS On My Car?

The simple answer to this question is yes. If for some reason local or federal authorities suspect a individual is involved in criminal activity, they can easily acquire a warrant that will allow them to put a GPS tracking system on that person’s car. In fact, police have been able to arrest thieves, drug traffickers and other criminals all from the evidence gathered from GPS satellite technology.

Where Police Hide GPS Systems

First of all, if a person suspects that police have placed a GPS unit on their vehicle, there must be some reasoning behind this. Therefore, if you are doing something illegal you should probably stop because you may in fact be correct in your thinking that police have put a tracker device on your vehicle. For those who are not engaged in criminal conduct but still have paranoid thoughts that police are monitoring them, here are two popular locations police hide GPS monitoring devices:

  1. Underneath The Car
  2. Hard-Wired Under The Hood

The under carriage of a vehicle is an ideal location where police can hide a tracker device because it is an area that motorists never check. Even if a driver were to check under their vehicle, real-time GPS devices are engineered to be so small and covert that a person looking for one probably wouldn’t even notice it. Not to mention, many real-time systems are now have waterproof housing, and have extended battery pack accessories that can let police monitor a automobile for months!

Police routinely use vehicle trackers to observe what potential criminals are doing, and legally they have the capability to do so when the proper channels are taken.