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Can Thieves Detect a Tracker?

Can Thieves Spot Your GPS Tracker? Chances Are, They Can’t!

Car theft is becoming a very serious problem. Even more so, if you live in a high-risk area. If you are concerned about vehicle theft, it is only natural you start researching GPS tracking devices as a solution. You might have also wondered, “Can thieves detect a tracker?” Many people share this concern as car theft is becoming increasingly common. Don’t worry, GPS technology offers a powerful solution. The truth is, that most car thieves can’t detect hidden GPS trackers, especially in their haste. This article will reassure you, demonstrating why GPS trackers often go unnoticed and how they stand as a formidable defense against car theft.

Inside A Car Thief’s Mind – Why GPS Tracking Isn’t On Their Radar

Contrary to popular belief, the average car thief does not have extensive knowledge of sophisticated technology like GPS trackers. Most thieves act on opportunity and are more focused on quickly getting in and out without being caught, rather than searching the vehicle for a tracking device.

The idea of a thief meticulously searching for a hidden GPS device in the limited time they have to carry out the theft is not only improbable but also impractical. Moreover, the skill required to locate and disable these devices is beyond the capabilities of most car thieves.

Consider This:

  • A typical car thief targets easy, swift jobs, not intricate tasks like hunting down hidden GPS trackers.
  • Time is crucial. Scouring every nook and cranny for tracking systems isn’t on their agenda.
  • The skill needed to disable an installed tracker surpasses the average thief’s abilities.

Case Study 1: Fleet of Range Rovers Stolen in the UK

In the UK, an entire fleet of Range Rovers was stolen from a dealership. The thieves believed they had executed a perfect heist, but they were mistaken. Unknown to them, each Range Rover had a GPS tracking device installed. As soon as the dealership noticed the vehicles were missing, they activated the trackers. This allowed the police to track the stolen fleet in real-time, and within hours, they had located and recovered all the stolen vehicles. The thieves were arrested, and the GPS tracking system had proven its worth.

Case Study 2: Apple AirTag Leads to Swift Recovery

In another instance, an innovative car owner decided to use an Apple AirTag as a makeshift car tracker. One day, his car was stolen right from his driveway. However, he was able to track his car using the Find My network on his iPhone, thanks to the AirTag he had hidden inside the vehicle. The real-time location data led the police right to the thief’s location. The car was recovered quickly, and the thief, who had failed to find and disable the AirTag, was apprehended. This case highlighted how even a simple device, when used creatively, can serve as a deterrent against car theft.

Case Study 3 – GPS Tracker Leads To A Tennessee Senator’s Daughter’s Safety

Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn, had a serious scare when he learned that his 22-year-old daughter Julia was carjacked in the local Washington D.C. area by 2 street criminals. Corker’s daughter was pulled out violently from her vehicle and thrown into the street by the carjackers. Thankfully, she was not hurt in the ordeal. But the best part? With the aid of a GPS tracking system, law enforcement was quickly able to recover her automobile.

In Julia’s case, she had a GPS vehicle tracker in her car that was able to assist local Washington D.C. police in the quick arrest of the criminals. The cops accessed the real-time GPS tracking data from the GPS device hard-wired to Julia’s car. Finally, law enforcement agents followed the GPS tracking data that eventually led them to a Taco Bell restaurant. The car thieves were captured, and everyone was safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Car Thieves Typically Detect Hidden GPS Trackers?

No, most car thieves cannot detect hidden GPS trackers. Thieves usually focus on quickly stealing a car, rather than thoroughly searching for a hidden vehicle tracking device. It’s worth noting that these devices are designed to be discreet and installed in hard-to-find locations, further reducing the likelihood of detection by thieves.

Can A GPS Tracking System Increase The Chances Of Stolen Vehicle Recovery?

Yes, a GPS tracker significantly increases the chances of stolen vehicle recovery. With real-time location data, authorities can track a stolen car and apprehend the thief. Motorhome trackers and other vehicle tracking systems have proven successful in numerous cases, such as the stolen Range Rovers in the UK and the Apple AirTag recovery story.

Are GPS Vehicle Trackers Insurance Approved?

Yes, many GPS vehicle trackers are insurance approved. Insurance companies often acknowledge the benefits of tracker-fitted vehicles, as they assist in stolen vehicle recovery and deter theft.

What Other Car Security Products Can Be Used In Conjunction With A GPS Device?

Dash cams, car alarms, and steering wheel locks can all be used to bolster your vehicle security. These additional security measures make it even more challenging for car thieves to disable or steal your vehicle. Effective fleet management often involves using a combination of these products for maximum protection.

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