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Can Thieves Detect a Tracker?

Can Car Thieves Disable GPS Tracking Devices?

People investing in live GPS tracking devices do so to protect their vehicles from theft. These trackers are often connected to the car via the OBD2 port or other locations where the real-time GPS can easily pull power from the automobile. Some of the most popular places where a GPS tracker can be found on a car include the glovebox, center console, or hard-wired to the 12volt system. Therefore, if a car thief targets a vehicle equipped with a GPS tracker the likelihood they can detect and disable the tracking device is very low. This is because it is so easy now to hide a tracking device in various spots in a car that are very hard to detect. Making the situation even more favorable for those interested in protecting their automobile with GPS tracking, many hidden GPS trackers can be equipped underneath a vehicle!

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GPS Theft Recovery For Stolen Car (Tennessee)

GPS Tracker Helps Senator’s Daughter

Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn, had a serious scare when he learned that his 22-year-old daughter Julia was recently carjacked in the local Washington D.C. area by 2 street criminals. Corker’s daughter was pulled out violently from her vehicle and thrown into the street by the carjackers. Thankfully, she was not hurt in the ordeal, and with the aid of a GPS tracking system, law enforcement was quickly able to recover her automobile.

Imagine someone tapping on your window at a stoplight then opening your car door and dragging you out of your vehicle. Or imagine the criminal holding a gun to your head and kidnapping you or your loved ones. Sadly, this happens to people every single day, not just a senator’s daughter, and many times the criminals get away because only a small number of car owners have their automobiles equipped with GPS tracking devices.

In Julia’s case, she had a GPS tracking system in her car that was able to assist local Washington D.C. police in the quick arrest of the criminals. When law enforcement was called they were able to access the real-time GPS tracking data that was being transmitted from the vehicle tracking device hard-wired to Julia’s car. The law enforcement agents followed the GPS tracking data that eventually lead them to a Taco Bell restaurant where the carjackers were eating bean and cheese burritos or the snack of the devil.

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GPS Tracker Provides Police Help

When hearing about a case such as this, really shows the importance and value a GPS tracking device can make. Vehicle tracking technology can actually save a person’s life, help get back one’s automobile and assist law enforcement in apprehending the offender to put them back in jail where they belong.

Imagine being carjacked and not having any way for law enforcement to be able to find out where you or your loved ones were. The thought can be frightening.

If every automobile owner could have a GPS system to help protect them, would that not be ideal? GPS tracking devices are now available and very affordable to almost everyone. Why not take advantage of vehicle tracking technology, especially if it could end up saving your life one day?

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