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Drive Proof System Changes Vehicle Security

CarCmaeraGPS1Businesses are always searching for the newest technological tools to help maximize profits. From the first time clock used to document work hours to GPS vehicle tracking systems used to document mileage travelled, businesses have always been early adopters of any solution that can help promote safety, productivity, efficiency and most importantly profits. This is probably also the reason why trade shows such as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held annually in Las Vegas continue to grow among businesses actively looking for the next game-changing piece of technology. One device in particular that has began creating a buzz among businesses with small vehicle fleets is a car camera that also features GPS data logger technology, and some security insiders believe it will eventually be in almost every work truck, car and automobile.

The car camera with GPS tracking capabilities is called Drive Proof, and the phrase “automotive black box” would probably be simplest way to explain what the device is. Mounted upon the front windshield of a automobile, Drive Proof will then record both what a driver is doing inside the cab of a vehicle as well as what is occurring outside of the vehicle. This video data is accompanied by sophisticated GPS tracking data that will store locational information about how fast a vehicle travels and places that vehicle parked at. Both the video and GPS tracking device data from the car camera are stored upon a SD card that managers can remove at anytime to investigate any potential issues surrounding driving activity. This can be extremely helpful in diagnosing safe driving behaviors, if a employee is misusing company work vehicles or validating claims in a automobile accident.

In countries such as Russia, insurance companies have began getting tighter and requiring those involved in automobile accidents to provide evidence validating their side of the story. They don’t simply believe what a person says but only what a person or business can actually prove. This is why Russia has more car cameras than any other country in the world. American businesses are starting to also see the benefits of evidence especially when it comes to work automobiles, and this is why the demand for car camera black box type devices is continuing to grow domestically as well.

Car camera systems are rapidly growing in demand among companies wanting to raise fleet tracking and automotive security, making the Drive Proof device even more advantageous. With multiple features designed specifically for vehicle security as well as GPS tracking it is easy to see why Drive Proof will be the automotive monitoring solution for many businesses in the upcoming years.