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GPS Tracker In Canada – Best Real Time Solution 2023

SpaceHawk – Rated Best GPS Vehicle Tracker In Canada 2023

GPS Tracker For Car


  • Secretly Track Any Vehicle Without Someone Knowing 
  • Find Out The Truth About A Partner 
  • Make Sure Your Wild Teen Is Not Driving Recklessly
  • Let The Facts Do The Talking

SpaceHawk GPS is a real time GPS car tracker engineered to help you find out the truth from British Columbia to Nova Scotia! Designed with waterproof housing with a magnet mount, this mini GPS tracker can easily be placed outside of a vehicle where you can track every movement the car makes from your iPhone, Android device, or computer. If you suspect a spouse is cheating or simply want to make sure employees are driving safely then check out SpaceHawk GPS, rated the best vehicle tracker in Canada by GPS Tracking Review


Truck GPS TrackerWhen using GPS trackers in Canada, durability and reliability are essential due to the country’s tough weather and terrain. Whether you’re operating a fleet tracking business in Calgary or a small business in Montreal, real-time GPS trackers in Canada need to be efficient. That’s why many companies and consumers are turning to Canadian GPS tracking systems, such as the SpaceHawk, which can transmit GPS-based position updates as fast as every 3 seconds. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the popular features of the Canadian GPS tracker to see why people from Nova Scotia to Vancouver Island are investing in this car GPS tracker!

  • Portability: SpaceHawk can be easily moved from one vehicle to another. This allows you to monitor multiple vehicles or assets with a single device.
  • Real-Time Tracking: You can monitor the location of your vehicle or asset in real-time, allowing you to respond quickly to any potential issues or emergencies.
  • Speed Monitoring: SpaceHawk can monitor the speed of your vehicles. This can help you identify any unsafe driving behavior and take steps to prevent accidents.
  • Location History: SpaceHawk can store location data for an entire year! This allows you to review the location history of your vehicle or asset.
  • Anti-Theft Protection: SpaceHawk hidden GPS devices can also provide anti-theft protection for your vehicle or asset. In the event of theft, you can quickly track the location of your asset and recover it.

Real-time GPS tracking is a powerful tool for monitoring your vehicles and assets 24/7. With portable tracking devices, you can easily monitor multiple vehicles or assets from a single device. Real-time GPS allows you to respond quickly to any potential issues or emergencies, while speed monitoring can help you identify unsafe driving behavior. Location history tracking can help you track the movements of your assets over time, and anti-theft protection can provide added security for your vehicles and assets. Whether you’re in Canada or the USA, GPS tracking is a top tool for managing your fleet and ensuring the safety and security of your vehicles and assets.

Canada GPS Tracker Sim Card

Operating off the Rogers Network and utilizing a Canadian SIM card, SpaceHawk is a vehicle monitoring device that can operate flawlessly in remote areas throughout Canada. Compact, portable, and versatile, this car GPS tracker Canada has no software to install and can be adapted to track everything from addresses arrived to speeds driven!

As is true with many electronic gadgets, the latest is great; but wait a while and they’ll get even better. With live GPS tracking systems, there has always been a delicate give-and-take between the qualities of power and performance. Fast GPS location updates sap battery power. Some real-time GPS receivers update every two, five, or up to 30 minutes, to help conserve battery life. The SpaceHawk real-time tracking system updates its position every 10 seconds if the receiver is traveling at least 10 miles per hour. If the device is moving less than 10 kilometers per hour, it will automatically switch to a reading of every 20 feet.

This makes the SpaceHawk ideal for both vehicle tracking and personal tracking applications throughout Canada. The car GPS tracker Canada size is  2 ¼” wide, 4” long, and 1” depth, making the device about the size of a deck of cards and easy to transport from the glove box to a purse or backpack and back again.

SpaceHawk also provides the best of both the active and passive market segments of GPS technology. Not only does it let the user know where a vehicle is from one moment to the next, but it also has the advantage of historical playback. The user can see where the device has been through a 90-day window. The device keeps recording, even when the user stops watching.

GPS Car Tracker Canada

10 Benefits Of GPS Trackers In Nunavut, Quebec, Ontario & More

  1. Logistics companies can optimize their routes and improve efficiency with GPS fleet tracking solutions.
  2. Self-employed individuals can monitor their vehicles with portable real-time GPS trackers.
  3. Family members can monitor the driving habits of loved ones with GPS vehicle tracking systems.
  4. Athletes and adventurers can keep track of their routes and locations with GPS tracking devices.
  5. Hospitals, governments, and businesses can track their expensive equipment and vehicles with GPS tracking solutions.
  6. Real-time GPS tracking can enhance safety for anyone driving on dangerous or unfamiliar roads.
  7. Small children can be monitored with portable GPS trackers or personal locator beacons for added security.
  8. Trailer tracking with GPS devices can provide valuable information for businesses and individuals transporting valuable cargo.
  9. Car theft can be prevented and stolen vehicles can be recovered with remote starters and GPS tracking devices.
  10. Duty vehicles can be monitored for maintenance and compliance with ELD mandates using OBDII GPS trackers.

Battery For GPS Car Tracker Canada

The lithium-ion battery, provided by SpaceHawk, will operate for up to 27 hours on a cycle. It is easily recharged in a computer USB or standard wall outlet. To conserve battery life, the car GPS tracker Canada has an on/off switch and a built-in motion detector that will shut down the device if it stays idle for more than two minutes. An extended-life battery, which offers up to 100 hours on a charge, is an optional accessory.

Users also have the option of running the car tracker tracking unit from the vehicle’s power. An optional 12V cigarette lighter adapter may be purchased. The real time GPS tracker can also be hardwired.

GPS Reception In Canada – What You Should Know About Coverage

The SpaceHawk real-time tracking solution is one of the best hidden GPS trackers on the market today, thanks to its built-in internal antenna. For optimal performance, the GPS unit should be placed anywhere with a clear line of sight to the sky. It’s important to note that GPS trackers do not operate well if obstructed by metal or concrete. However, the sophisticated chip inside the Canadian car GPS tracker is superior to many competing tracking devices, and it can capture GPS signals reflected off the ground. This means that under-the-vehicle placement is possible with an optional waterproof case and magnetic mount. Customers have reported good reception even when the GPS tracker is inside a building or car trunk. If you’re using the SpaceHawk real-time tracking solution for business GPS tracking applications, it’s recommended that you try several positions inside and outside the vehicle to determine optimum reception. With its reliable and accurate location data, the SpaceHawk GPS tracker can give you peace of mind when tracking your vehicle or other assets.

In remote areas of Canada such as Fort Seven, Nain, Old Crow, and Kangiqsualujjuaq, the reception might be limited due to a lack of cellular infrastructure. However, the data will still be stored in the car GPS tracker Canada for manual download at a later time.

SpaceHawk works flawlessly in the following locations and their surrounding areas:

  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Vancouver 
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Ottawa
  • Hamilton
  • London
  • Victoria
  • Winnipeg
  • Quebec City

Real-time GPS systems use a combination of GPS and wireless technologies to first capture satellite signals to calculate location, and then transfer the data to a server on the Internet for “live” viewing. A complaint some real-time GPS tracking customers have had in the past is that wireless subscriptions involve a year’s commitment. SpaceHawk uses the Rogers Cellular Network and the cost is just $19.95 a month for unlimited service, but the best part is that Canadian customers are billed monthly and there are no contracts!

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How GPS Tracking Works In Canada – SpaceHawk 

When you receive the SpaceHawk real-time tracking system, simply log onto the secure website using any web-enabled device to register and activate your car GPS tracker for use in Canada. You don’t need to install any software because all data is web-based. The GPS locational data is displayed on mapping by Google Earth. You can view data such as speed, direction, time en route, and duration of stops from an information box that pops up when you click on the animated vehicle.

The activity panel chart will show you the flow of data, and you can zoom in, zoom out, pan across, or auto-center and select map options such as satellite images. If you’re using the GPS tracker for vehicle management, you can track over 500 units simultaneously, and easily isolate one or a few vehicles by turning off some markers.

The Web interface offers several useful features such as geo-fencing, where you can set up to 20 virtual boundaries that must not be breached, and monitor traffic flow by setting maximum speed limits. The data can also be analyzed using programs to generate reports such as individual vehicle reports, multiple vehicle reports, start/stop reports, and more.

The historic playback feature allows you to review any trip for up to three months. Overall, the SpaceHawk real-time tracking system offers a user-friendly and comprehensive GPS tracking solution for both personal and business use in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can GPS tracking be used for vehicles and assets in Canada?

Yes, GPS tracking can be used for vehicles and assets in Canada, and it is legal as long as it is used with the owner’s consent. GPS tracking technology, including GPS fleet tracking solutions, 4G GPS trackers, and solar trackers, can be used to monitor location and speed, and to recover stolen vehicles or assets.

Are there any laws and regulations regarding GPS tracking in Canada?

Yes, there are laws and regulations regarding GPS tracking in Canada. The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) regulates the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information, including location data obtained through GPS tracking. It is important to obtain the consent of the individual being tracked and to ensure that their privacy rights are respected.

What are some benefits of using GPS fleet tracking solutions in Canada?

GPS fleet tracking solutions offer several benefits for businesses in Canada, including improved efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, and better route planning. By monitoring their vehicles and drivers, fleet managers can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations.

Is a subscription required for using a vehicle GPS tracker in Canada?

Yes, a subscription is typically required for using a GPS tracking device in Canada. This is because GPS tracking devices require a SIM card to transmit location data, and the cost of the subscription covers the cellular service required for this transmission. It is important to check prices and subscription plans when purchasing a GPS tracking device.

What are some types of GPS tracking devices available in Canada?

There are several types of GPS tracking devices available in Canada, including portable real-time trackers, vehicle locators, pet collars, and key finders. Some GPS trackers for vehicles plug into OBD2 ports, while others require their own power source. There are also GPS trackers that offer anti-theft features and theft recovery, as well as cameras and dash cameras for additional security.

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