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Car GPS Tracker Canada

Real Time GPS Tracker Canada

Rated Best GPS Vehicle Tracker In Canada 2023

best hidden gps tracker for car long battery life

  • Secretly Track Any Vehicle Without Someone Knowing 
  • Find Out The Truth About A Partner 
  • Make Sure Your Wild Teen Is Not Driving Recklessly
  • Let The Facts Do The Talking


EverLast GPS is a real time GPS car tracker engineered to help you find out the truth from British Columbia to Nova Scotia! Designed with a waterproof housing with magnet mount, this mini GPS tracker can easily be placed outside of a vehicle where you can track every movement the car makes from your iPhone, Android device, or computer. If you suspect a spouse is cheating or simply want to make sure employees are driving safely then check out EverLast GPS, rated the best vehicle tracker in Canada by GPS Tracking Review

Truck GPS TrackerIn Canada, both the weather and terrain can be tough so it is important that any tracking device used in the country is durable and reliable. Whether it is a fleet tracking operation in Calgary or a small business in Montreal, real time GPS trackers in Canada need to be efficient. This is the reason why so many companies and consumers are calling upon Canadian GPS tracking systems such as the SpaceHawk that will transmit GPS-based position updates as fast as every 3 seconds. Now let’s take a moment to go over some of the popular features of the Canadian GPS tracker to see why people from Nova Scotia to Vancouver Island are investing in the car GPS tracker!

Canada GPS Tracker Sim Card

Operating off the Rogers Network and utilizing a Canadian SIM card, SpaceHawk is a vehicle monitoring device that can operate flawlessly in remote areas throughout Canada. Compact, portable, and versatile, this car GPS tracker Canada has no software to install and can be adapted to track everything from addresses arrived to speeds driven!

As is true with many electronic gadgets, the latest is great; but wait a while and they’ll get even better. With live GPS tracking systems, there has always been a delicate give-and-take between the qualities of power and performance. Fast GPS location updates sap battery power. Some real-time GPS receivers update every two, five, or up to 30 minutes, to help conserve battery life. The SpaceHawk real-time tracking system updates its position every 10 seconds if the receiver is traveling at least 10 miles per hour. If the device is moving less than 10 kilometers per hour, it will automatically switch to a reading of every 20 feet.

This makes the SpaceHawk ideal for both vehicle tracking and personal tracking applications throughout Canada. The car GPS tracker Canada size is  2 ¼” wide, 4” long, and 1” depth, making the device about the size of a deck of cards and easy to transport from the glove box to a purse or backpack and back again.

SpaceHawk also provides the best of both the active and passive market segments of GPS technology. Not only does it let the user know where a vehicle is from one moment to the next, but it also has the advantage of a historical playback. The user can see where the device has been through a 90-day window. The device keeps recording, even when the user stops watching.

Uses Of GPS Trackers In Nunavut, Quebec, Ontario & More

  • Logistics companies, with field or fleet vehicles
  • The self-employed who use their vehicles for business
  • Family members whose driving abilities or memories are diminishing
  • Loved ones who are displaying suspicious or habitual behaviors
  • Inexperienced teen drivers
  • Athletes (marathon runners, cyclists)
  • Adventurers (back-packers, rock/mountain climbers, safari)
  • Anyone driving on dangerous or unfamiliar roads
  • Small children
  • Hospitals, governments, and businesses, to track expensive equipment.

Live GPS tracker no monthly fee
Battery For GPS Car Tracker Canada

The lithium-ion battery, provided by SpaceHawk, will operate for up to 27 hours on a cycle. It is easily recharged in a computer USB or standard wall outlet. To conserve battery life, the car GPS tracker Canada has an on/off switch and a built-in motion detector that will shut down the device if it stays idle for more than two minutes. An extended-life battery, which offers up to 100 hours on a charge, is an optional accessory.

Users also have the option of running the car tracker tracking unit from the vehicle’s power. An optional 12V cigarette lighter adapter may be purchased. The real time GPS tracker can also be hardwired.

GPS Reception In Canada

The SpaceHawk real-time tracking solution has a built-in internal antenna, so there are no telltale wires to detect or connect, making it one of the best hidden GPS trackers on the market today. The best placement for any GPS tracking unit is anywhere with a clear line of sight to the sky. They do not operate well if obstructed by metal or concrete. However, the sophisticated chip inside the Canadian car GPS tracker is superior to many competing tracking devices. The security product can capture GPS signals reflected off the ground, making under-the-vehicle placement possible (utilizing an optional waterproof case with a magnetic mount). Customers reported good reception when the real-time GPS tracker was inside a building and placed inside a car trunk. If used for business GPS tracking applications, Tracking System Direct recommends that the customer try several positions inside and outside the vehicle to determine optimum reception.

In remote areas of Canada such as Fort Seven, Nain, Old Crow, and Kangiqsualujjuaq, the reception might be limited due to a lack of cellular infrastructure. However, the data will still be stored in the car GPS tracker Canada for manual download at a later time.

SpaceHawk works flawlessly in the following locations and their surrounding areas:

  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Vancouver 
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Ottawa
  • Hamilton
  • London
  • Victoria
  • Winnipeg
  • Quebec City

Real-time GPS systems use a combination of GPS and wireless technologies to first capture satellite signals to calculate location, and then transfer the data to a server on the Internet for “live” viewing. A complaint some real-time GPS tracking customers have had in the past is that wireless subscriptions involve a year’s commitment. SpaceHawk uses the Rogers Cellular Network and the cost is just $19.95 a month for unlimited service, but the best part is that Canadian customers are billed monthly and there are no contracts!

Check out our list of the best wireless GPS tracking devices!

How GPS Tracking Works In Canada

After receiving their SpaceHawk real-time tracking system, customers should load their browsers and log on to the secure website, where they can register and activate their car GPS tracker to operate in Canada by creating a login and password.  All data is Web-based and there is no software to install. The user may view GPS locational data from any Web-enabled computer.

The tracking data will immediately display the account’s vehicle or vehicles on mapping by Google Earth. GPS tracking data collected include speed, direction, time en route, and addresses and duration of stops, all of which will be displayed in an information box, once the user clicks on the animated vehicle. The flow of data is also displayed on a chart called an activity panel. The viewer may zoom in, zoom out, pan across, or auto-center and choose from a number of map options including satellite images.

If the real time GPS tracker Canada is being used for vehicle management, more than 500 units can be tracked simultaneously. The user can easily turn off some markers and isolate just one, or a few vehicles!

Some of the many interesting features of this Web interface include geo-fencing, where the user can set up to 20 virtual boundaries that are not to be breached; set maximum speed limits, and monitor traffic flow.

Programs can be employed to analyze the data and generate reports. Options include an individual vehicle report, multiple vehicle report, start/stop report, and more.

Even after viewing, any trip can be reviewed for up to three months with Historic Playback.

Canadian Tech Support For GPS Tracking Device

Finally, no buyer should feel frustrated trying to figure out a new, high-tech electronic device. Tracking System Direct’s relationship continues beyond purchase by offering free technical support for the life of the product, regardless of warranty.

The support team is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.

Real Time GPS Tracking Features

  • Position updates every 10 seconds
  • Adaptable as a personal tracker. Will note location every 20 feet traveled.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Capable of international tracking
  • Month-to-month billing instead of the annual subscription contract
  • The software creates the fastest map refresh rates
  • Set geographic zone (geo-fence) and speed alerts
  • Motion sensor powers down the device after 2 minutes of inactivity
  • Free technical support

About Global Positioning System Technology

Global positioning – locating an object on Earth using coordinates from satellites in space –  is a concept that has been around since the 1950s. An early use was restricted to the military. In 2000, with the signing of the Selective Availability Act, President Bill Clinton opened the technology to anyone, and the race was on for affordable, accurate consumer-based GPS tracking system products.

Today with technological advances, including microprocessing, expanded memory, and more efficient production, GPS systems have become affordable and available to nearly anyone. Tracking System Direct continues to provide consumers vehicle tracking products that outperform the competition, whether it is GPS reception sensitivity, battery life, or functionality. Months of planning, design, and testing precede the launch of any new product on Tracking System Direct.

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