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Car Tracking A Necessity for Rental Companies

GPS Fleet Tracking For Car Rental

Enhancing Rental Car Operations With Vehicle Tracking

Car rental companies all around the world are using car tracking devices to keep track of their fleets of rental cars. These systems will tell rental companies which cars are in their lot and which are being rented and where they currently are. This kind of information can be invaluable for large car rental companies. Even if the paperwork for a particular rental is lost, the company can still figure out the location of the vehicle.

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GPS trackers

But this isn’t all that car tracking can do for rental companies. These tracking systems can easily show which vehicles are the most popular for renting. This allows the company to keep the most popular cars in higher quantity without sifting through piles of paperwork to figure out which cars are the most popular.

Car tracking systems can also check the cars in and out of the lots automatically as well as immediately notify the company if a car is removed from the lot without being rented out. Stolen rental cars can be a big problem for companies, so this must be prevented with a live GPS tracking system. Companies can also use these systems to make sure that vehicles are maintained properly by tracking the miles driven on each one. Many car companies are also using these systems to make sure that their renters are being responsible for the vehicles. Speeding is just one of the problems that car rental companies face when they are trying to keep their vehicles in good shape. These systems can notify the rental company if the vehicle is being misused.

However, using a GPS tracking device to monitor the care of rental cars can get out of control. One car rental company in Connecticut is being asked to pay back several thousand dollars in fines to renters that they have fined for speeding. Although the tracking systems can be used very well to encourage renters from speeding and to help the rental companies cover the expense of excessive use on their vehicles, this company was charging a significantly higher price than the amount of damage caused.

Car rental companies should take full advantage of the many things that vehicle tracking can do for their business, but they should be careful to use it responsibly. There are numerous things that this kind of system can do for a rental car company, but the two main things that a car tracking system will do are increase the accuracy of paperwork and keep rental cars from being abused and stolen.

One popular GPS tracker that many car rental companies are utilizing to monitor mobile assets is the SilverCloud tracking system.

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